DragonFlight Kitty Weave DPS Macro

I was looking for a kittyweave macro for resto druid and couldnt find one so here is my attempt at making one that i can use in dungeons. Its probably not that good but feel free to use it as a start

I run this at 200ms




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.30.

I’m going to use elfys resto heal macro with it !

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Awesome!! For sure please let me know how it goes!

tried this one its cool

Is there an update for the talents for this macro for the latest GSE? Thanks!

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talents dosent work when you inport it to the game

try to figure it out ? ; )

Hey yall sorry i was away from the game for a while. I will be taking a look at this macro in the next week or so and make updates!

for shame, you cant do that without our permission. lol jk. will keep a eye out for your update.

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Hey made some quick updates to this. I know i am not using the talents listed on Wowhead. I just didnt really care for moonkin form. Feel free to change the talents up however you want though as long as you have “Rip”

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This actually works quite well! Any update for 10.0.7? Maybe include thrash?

Ok so now it bugged for me or something, its just casting rake now, nothing else.

Hey everyone sorry i am just seeing your comments. I will take a look at this tonight and make some updates :smiley:!

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All i updated the macro! please let me know if you get a chance to try it out and let me know if there are any issues.

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Hello, i’m new in GSE, i want to know why when i use the macro below i must click on it and it doesn’t work when i put it on my action bar directly, any solution for this plz ? :slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot.

doesnt work how? need more info besides “Doesnt Work” lol

one part of anything not working. might be that its a year old almost. but also could be a key up/down issue.

It only shifts to cat form and stealth.
it’s what he meant by doesn’t work.