Dragonsbad Fire Mage

This is my first macro. This is a combination of Moonsorrow_141 Fire_8.2 and John-Metz JM Fire MAge-SL tweaked to something that worked well for me. I played with this a lot to get what seemed to work well for loops and I run at 70ms using one of my mouse buttons. I imagine it is far from perfect and there will be lots of room for improvement.


Usage Information


This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.38.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Phoenix Flames

KeyPress: Shifting Power, Flamestrike, Pyroblast

Main Sequence: Scorch, Fireball, Fire Blast, Combustion

KeyRelease: Rune of Power, Blazing Barrier

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anyone else having trouble importing this? or is my GSE broken? i import it and GSE doesn’t display it. is the class ID set to fire?

First time ever doing this so I may have messed up the import. I was actually going to delete this post as I had a major case of anxiety about even doing it lol. I will check this tomorrow however and see if I can fix it so it works.

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haha no worries man. Hey its probably better then what I can do. Cant wait to try it out once you get it fixed. or maybe its something on my end

ops i think my GSE is out of date let me update it and il check it out

Yeah I dunno why but my curse says I am on GSE 2.6.38 but in game it is running 2.6.36 I don’t want to delete my addon to reinstall to see if it fixes the issues because I dont want to lose the macros I have. I am excited to give this one a shot once I resolve this issue!

Dont delete this. let us help you improve the macro if it is needed. be proud of your posting. dont let the few trolls in here get you scared. i am excited to try this out at my first instance of getting on today

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i think this is a good macro. did testing on dummys and did a good amout of DPS. i’m only lvl 50, so it does good dps for that lvl. good job @Dragonsbad

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I’m level 60 with 153 ilvl and so not up there yet but it’s good for the dungeons. I actually tweaked this some more and changed Shifting power to a use with mod. I “perfected” this at a training dummy so original worked great. Once I started in dungeons though I realized …duh…shifting power is channeled so won’t go off unless standing. In the overall I think having control of setting it off is better as well. I also made a slight change to casting order as in practice I was shooting off too many scorch even standing still. I think the order change may have fixed it?

its a good macro. did you run this at 100ms?

I run it at 70ms. I tried going higher due to a discussion regarding this I read somewhere but it did not work for me at all.