Dragontech's BM Hunter All In One Macro

This macro has inspired me by Lutechi and his all in one macro series. This is a modified and updated revision. I would like to thank Lutechi for laying down the framework which has given me a better understanding how much farther macros can be taken. This is my first posting and I appreciate any feedback. I hope you enjoy it.


Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild | Mod:Ctrl - Intimidation | Mod:Shift - AOE Multi-Shot and Barrage if Talented
Pet auto rez, pet auto assist or passive if no target. Auto Hunter’s Mark
Use @250ms

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.06.

Way to many outdated or useless spells and ability uses to make this a viable Macro, even for PVE.

Sorry but this won’t work very well IMHO.

I appreciate your opinion. The talents are current Shadowlands. I’ve been using this for many months and most raids and dungeons it has scored within the top 3 of DPS. In PvP is it’s been in top 5 mostly for BG’s. It’s meant for max level and not leveling and your gearing will make a significant difference. I’m sorry this didn’t meet your expectations. I will be revising it again when Dragon Flight is released.

Chimera Shot is not current.

If you wouldn’t mind, link / screenshot proof…I can’t see this doing very well in either.

I highly recommend simming all of those Talents.

Barrage? For pure DPS, it’s useless. I cringe hard when I see another Hunter using it.
AotB? Is used only when you DO NOT have a Tier set. It’s the end of the expac there should be no reason not to have at least the 2PC for the bonus.

This is why it’s a all in one macro, pick any talent the player wants and it adjusts. It’s also exported where anybody can modify it towards their own needs. I change my talents when I do dungeons, raids, questing, Torghast and PvP. Currently I 've been running a lot of Comp Stomp where Barrage makes it quite easy to mow down the AI players. I would say it still has it’s uses. In the end nobody is forced to use Barrage if they don’t have it talented, it merely just skips over that command if you choose something different from that talent row.

I ment your logs where it shows you actually doing top 5 or so dps while using Chimera shot and such, since you claim its a currently useful talent.

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Gees guys if you don’t like then don’t use it, it’s that simple. Maybe others might want to try it. 7.9 billion people in this world and not everybody is going to be satisfied. I got nothing to prove to anybody. You don’t want to believe me, that’s fine. I’m just not going to bend over backwards just to please a couple of people. Like I said the choice is yours.

You’re 100% right BUT as a DPS shouldn’t you be pumping out as much damage as possible?

Feelycraft doesn’t exist. Simming does. It tells and shows you what is best for your character.
AND 99.9% of people that use this macro (or any other macro) will not get even close to the numbers that you’re getting. FACT

A cool sounding Talent or spell name won’t give you better DPS.

An awesome looking spell effect isn’t going to put out the most damage.

AIO’s are nice but it’s the end of the xpac. It’ll take very little conversion from Lutechi’s AIO’s to make it work currently. (Who I believe is already working on new AIO’s for DF as I watched his stream last night)

I’m sorry I wasn’t getting what you were saying before, and I get it now. The sequence rotation needs to squeeze out more DPS. In fairness this is my first post, so I’m new to this. It was built off the back bone of Lutechi’s AIO series, my first one. I guess I modified it to such an extent it may have dropped the DPS range. I didn’t take that in consideration. I was more focused on as close as possible instant execution, especially using modifiers. I will research into good current rotation and try to modify it into something better. I personally use this macro and I too is always for more damage. Thank you for your input so I know better directions to take and do more simulations. I also understand it’s around the end of the expansion and most likely bad timing on my part to post this. If Lutechi is going to rebuild and them, then me posting this wasn’t necessary, because to honest I haven’t seen him stream in a long time and I didn’t know he was coming back until I caught him online the other night. I’m glad to hear this.

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