Druid – Feral (Cat) Update 2

Meow meow ROARRRR… Back again with another update! I been planning to update these cat lazy macros for about a month, but with school and real life I had to put it on hold for a bit. But finally I have been able to take the time and paw this out for you. Thanks to Nahkohae for suggesting some changes to the macros to increase the damage and efficiency depending on the version you choose.
In the cat dungeon I replaced Pounce with Ravage to give it a boost in DPS and the rotations now reset on targets to prevent any lock ups. In addition I added a modifier (Alt) for refreshing Mangle and Faerie Fire. I had to sacrifice the trinkets slots to have some extra characters space and make the macros work properly.
The cat farming version received an increase of damage by replacing the Claw ability with Mangle and also the normal rotation resets on target to prevent any lock ups. The Faerie Fire spell still resets on 1 second for an easy refresh, just don’t push the macro for a second and then you can reapply the spell. Just remember to spam it or it will try to reapply Faerie Fire if the macro has been released for more than 1 second. These and all the prior updates will be included in the addOn plugin that will be released tomorrow as r9.
I hope you guys enjoy clawing the enemy deeper with these lazy macros!

Ty For All Of Yalls Hard Work It Is Greatly Appreciated Yall Are Awesome

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

hello Sir talkalot, where can we see all the good work you do?