Druid Ghetto Vanish

Hello, so I was wondering if it was possible to make a macro that would cast Night Elfs racial Shadowmeld and then Prowl almost like rogues Vanish. if it is possible could someone please help me put one together? thanks :slight_smile:

Takling a guess but did you try:

/cast shadowmeld
/cast prowl

or alternatively

/castsequence shadowmeld, prowl

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I did try it works but it also seems to pop me out of stealth as soon as it puts me in it lol is there a way to make it only pop Shadowmeld and then Prowl and then stop?

/castsequence [combat] Shadowmeld ; [combat,nostealth] Prowl


/cast [combat] Shadowmeld
/cast [combat, nostealth] Prowl

Try that

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Thank you bro! I know youre going hard with the macros in Shadowlands so than I cant wait to give those a try either!
Edit-It seemed to be doing the same thing with both of them, it would shadowmeld but the prowl would not kick in so as soon as I move im out of stealth again, so it looks like I will be using the Ghetto Vanish manually haha thank you guys for the help tho!

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Hello there @Norrathian_aggroBTN

Maybe, and just maybe i think you are pressing too fast your stealth macro

Try to lower it around 100-110msec and try again!.


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Or if you are using GSE and 2.6.01-beta4 or better you could:

/cast [combat] Shadowmeld
/click pause ~~GCD~~
/cast [combat, nostealth] Prowl

If using 2.5.11 GCD could be replaced with 0.5 for half a sec etc. or 1 for 1 sec etc

This also sssumes your MS speed is set in gSE’s options to match what AHK etc is set to


Ok that actually might be whats going on becuase my ms is at 70, it pretty much stays there unless I need to tweak it for a macro, Ill try changing it like you suggested and give that a try! I appreciate it!

Awesome! I appreciate it! bout to give it a shot again and Ill let you guys know! again thank you all for the help! much love

Edit-For some reason I couldn’t get those to work and im almost positive its because its something on my end of me not setting something correctly(ill eventually figure it out) but this is the one I found that seems to be working so far but I cannot take credit for this and don’t even really know what is different but here is the one that I found to work on my end

/cancelaura travel form, bear form

/cast [nomod] !Prowl

/cast [nomod,nostealth] !Shadowmeld

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So this bottom one is the one working and now I see the only thing different is the ( ! ) what is the ( ! ) ? lol excuse my noobness XD

! in front of a spell like /cast !Prowls means that if i am not in prowl cast it, but if i am in prowl don’t cancel it.

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Ahhh ok thank you! Ill eventually get a grasp on it hahah, thanks again @TimothyLuke

@TimothyLuke I just wanted to say thank you again! because of what you’ve shown me on this thread with the click pause example Ive been able to start creating my own little macros hence why I am so excited about it haha I managed to put Nightbornes Racial Arcane Pulse (AOE Snare) to fire off and then Dispersion so its perfect for a get away and works like a charm! thanks again! sorry for resurrecting this thread lol Im just excited about being able to make something that actually works haha thanks again!