Druid Guardian Thoresco



Talents: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.13.

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Post a screen shot of your talents or the exported talent thread.

Here you have an import string for your Talents. Should be much eeasier for other people to import.

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What MS should this be run at ??

I’ll test this out when I get on tonight

I can’t import the macro

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When i import the macro it doesn’t cycle through anything any ideas? doesn’t cast anything

i’ve been having this issue to, found this as a workaround:

open the macro and hit edit
hit the ‘raw edit’ option towards the top
copy everything in that new window
exit macro
start a new macro
open the ‘raw edit’ option
delete everything and paste the data from the old macro
save and drag it down to the action bar, GLHF

when i import the macro in gse 3.1.13 … it imports but doesnt show it in the sequence menu … it looks like there are no macros there. when i go into macros in the wow ui … its there and when i put it on my cast bar it does nothing.

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My issue also. Perhaps we need to wait for an update.

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Hopefuly this helps you guys I had the same issue and was confused untill I logged into my hunter and saw this macro under him haha. For somereason the macro is acting if it’s a hunter macro so I fixed it by going into gse options and enabling it to show all macro’s reguardless of class and than changed Thoresco macro from guardian to druid and than it appeared under my druid again. Hope it helps!

Did everything you suggested step by step… IT HELPED!!! Thank you very very much for your help. I love this community <3


Sorry guys I’m new at this too, but I used the base hunter macro to change the skill to the druid I think it gave problem.

very nice macro btw thank you very much!

Nice macro! Im curious though, whats ms you running for? I usually go for 90ms-100ms on old macro from someone else’s.

I took the liberty to just clean up the macro a bit and add the Night Fae covenant ability to it (come DF - you can just delete or disable this block).
Now it comes up with Druid macros and the talents you suggested are also in it.
No credits for me - all to you - thanks for making it !

Here is the macro:




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.13.


this new macro isn’t working for me at all … it doesn’t attack the target at all … i target the target dummy and then start spamming the key and i just sit there doing nothing … all that i see moving is the button flashing thru thrash, swipe, mangle, barkskin and it just keeps cycling thru those without actually attacking. what could be wrong? i’m using gse 3.1.14 and it did this on 3.1.13 as well. i’ve been using gse for years … never seen this happen before

see this screengrab below to see it in action

np my friend thz for help us ^^

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GSE is having some issues with the new patch, if you look on the forum here.
There are fixes posted that you can try.
Also, your covenant ability does not work outside Shadowlands.

I also forgot to mention (and maybe try this first).
Use a spell or ability apart from the macro first to get into combat.
See if it fires then.
I mostly pull with moonfire or charge etc…