Druid struggling ask for help! :)

Hey all!
First of all thanks to you all guys, to this community that helped me by far to play the game only focus to have fun by simplify the rotations with macros :smiley:

I’m here to ask help with druids because i’m struggling to use it because for the most i’m the last dps on my guild raid with this Pg (that i love and i would be use as main pg)
As Feral i’m always with 2-2.5k dps with a 208 gear and right stats.
As Boomy far bad with 1.8-2.3k dps with 205 gear and right stats.

I don’t like this situation because with other class that have rotation simplified compared to druids i’m far better, like my DH with 3.4k dps on training dummy with pvp gear at 207 IL.

I want to ask direct to you if you guys have to suggest to me some macros for feral or boomy (i love both specs) that you use with success and let you play this class better then my own macro.

Thanks for helping me if you decide to share !

A sad Druid D:

Which Class/spec has the best macro?

  1. Macros that works flawlessly for me would not inherently work for you unless you both play and are geared similarly to me. It is based on you, the macro you wish to use, and your character. With any sort of precision, there is no way to address this.
  2. The best response to this is the class you know how to play without a macro in fact. With this in mind, you both know what the character should do and can look at the macro and make the required changes.

tl;dr: macros are NOT cookie-cutter. Macros are NOT-ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL.

Sadly there is no good answer… You will have to try them all i am afraid. I can say that for me, as Feral my best results are with Ozy’s Jungle macro. I don’t play Balance so i can’t help you there, but it will be the same, you need to try them out, one by one…