Drunken Brewmaster 100% ironskin brew uptime


and yes this works on live as well after prepatch

Great macro, works well, better than the others (for me anyway)

Just finished using this in Mythic ABT on Coven.

Ran it at 75ms

Did anywhere from 2.1K to 1.9K at times. Finished at 1.89K.

Actually decent well done.

works like a charm!

except the casting of the ironskin brews which seem to overlap. working on a way around this

Its stacking the iron brew its not heading the reset=7 for me

i updated the timer to 8 over 7 should help with overlap at 7 i rarely saw a overlap unless it was a verry long fight diJKbaWsrPTjfnBq6Mkv)sk9nrLDsXEj7Ms7hLHbXVvYqbLbJQHduDqaYHH64IcleeTuqyXQiTCrEQWYKQNRQjcQMQknDQUiG0vbGll56i1gvrSvvu2SkQ2oa6ykMfqzAaXJrCALY9asJwu04buNuu14G01qY5Lc3gG61aINPcRrxzgfWHaaMSa1eqUltxxfxm0Y6VIb4b4EFuaVohtd1LzuSJjP1zv63w2xxzgDLzu0sWVZ4tF6uhY0v0sWVZ4ZqnOJmhkAj43z8ocfv)qgqu0sWVZ4Z0efKCYqPOLGF)RmOllPyCgpvF5Gswa(uSZ4m(0No1bym(GGKdfbmgFqqYHIittfTe87FLbDzjfJZ4P6lhuugNXNH6abvbS177ysAPRCfHxGFcTL4BlRcyPTvAZBOiB1aIcAH)sx5kGLQDmjT0vUISvdyP6FDLlxUcar7zUskGNOTaPSkcWlsE4Y0BIQipzzvOyhBPXqZB9kbWY6BlRGuUCj

Great macro, But just as an FYI “Reset” does NOT work with GSE Period.

Hey wanting to try this out, could you add in the optimal talent tree numbers to use along side this?

nevermind having a blonde moment, saw it upon importing XD

this works pretty fine for me (manual keypresser)

/cast Ironskin Brew

Inner loop Limit:

its not 100% uptime (depending on button smashing) but it works 98% of the time.
also im managing Purifying Brew manually

Ironskin Brew is absolutely fine to stack up, there is no real need to time it/pad it out as long as you leave yourself a purifying brew to use once now and again to reduce the stagger damage.

Works great! Thanks!

This is an incomplete statement and/or false as worded. the condition “reset” absolutely works with GSE when used correctly. However:
/castsequence reset=x “some dumb spell”
Where x=time in seconds does not work within the GSE framework in the sense that generally you are building a one button spammable macro that the /castsequence is contained within and you are likely spamming said button more frequently than the reset in seconds that you have specified. if you did a reset=5 and did not touch that button for 5 seconds the sequence would reset as expected.

all work fine

I often see in wowlasy macros mention of a timing eg “Ran it at 75ms 251ilvl”
I have no idea what or how this is done? Is it outside of the game a way to stop you spamming the button. To be honest I’ve been using these marco’s for a while now and just spamming the button for the non-situational spells sequences I have created myself. Is spamming bad?

No, it’s generally intended that GSE macro’s are used on a repeating key press. The key press/release being automated by third party software. ‘75ms’ or whatever indicates how fast the macro should be fired, some require faster repeats than others.

odd question with the new razer synapse, what does 75ms look like. with the way they are doing it i have yet to get used too it.

Should look something like this, example only: down up/delay the delay now gets applied to the up key

There is no longer a delay after the key comes up for the new Synapse.

Alright being dumb here I have corsair mmo mouse and mapped buttons to each number 1 to nine. i normally have the macro mapped to a button on the mouse which is mapped to keypad 5 and i spam it so i can use other attacks if required. what do i set in the corsair software to make it 75ms or is it designed to keep on after you press the button once?