Dungeon & Mythic and Raid PrePatch-current


I am experimenting in kickweaving macro this moment and I will make a mistweaver macro soon. This is just rough and test the macro. Please remember, it takes time tweaking and I am comparing the Warcraft Log’s performance with varies tweak macros to find which is best macro.

I am getting 3.2~3.5K HPS (tested at LFR last boss Unmaker) with my ilvl 243 gears, leggo Velens Trinket and Doorway to Nowhere cloak.

Addons: Clique for now, my healbot addon failed in PrePatch-current and still waiting for developer to fix it. I manually soothing mist with instant Enveloping (mostly for the tanks) or Vivify whoever gets real low HP.

Kickweaving Talent builds: 3223223

Talents 1123113

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.01.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Blackout Kick, Refreshing Jade Wind, Rising Sun Kick, Renewing Mist, Chi Burst, Tiger Palm, Essence Font

all i see is

can you tell me why pls

and ty

@Tony Salcido

Ok, I think i fixed and better this time. Actually, contain an encrypted code and just paste into import on new version GSE. It will create a macro. TY

You have two talent builds showing, which one is correct?

This macro works great. I do about 1k dps, 1-1.5k hps. That is just using the macro, no soothing or anything else. I did change from statue to RJW. I do also feel that it needs to be more dps focused. ATM it seems like dps is a secondary thought when the more you dps the more hps you do.

@Michael Xerosyn Phillips

I already stated Kickweaver talent build, I am working on mistweaver build tonight and will post here later this week.

I have been workaholic this week lately not easy job as assistant manager at Amazon. lol

this macro doesnt import. can you post a direct export from gse in wow please. thanks

Reload your ui then import again