Dungeon Prot Dragonflight Beta (Burst Build)

Hey there!

So I checked out Prot Warrior today, to see where it stands currently. Short answer: Prot is amazing! High survivability and massive damage numbers. But keep in mind, this is beta, so it’s gonna get nerfed a good bit. I think even after some nerfs, it will still be very “meta”.

So I came up with a talent build for very high burst damage and high rage generation.

The macro:


The talents:


Shift (hold) = Burst!!! (Demo Shout, Avatar, Shield Charge)
Ctrl = Ignore Pain
Alt = Shield Block

Additional Notes:
When you charge into combat, let the macro run until it used Shield Slam, Rend, Thunderclap. This is to spread Rend to the enemies*. After that, go into holding Shift, to do a lot of burst damage.

*Rend spreading sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t… beta I guess.

For now, I will leave it like that. No special formatting in this post.

Let me know what you think.


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Update #1:
Today Tier-Sets became available for testing. And the warrior one is really damn good. Increases your damage by 4%, yeah whatever, but more importantly gives you Ignore Pain for 10% of your damage.

This means you don’t even have to press it, to get high uptime. On 4x target dummie I got it to 95% uptime. Can’t really say how high it will be when you actually take damage in m+, but I think it’s possible to remove ignore pain from the macro and put something else on the modifier.

Tank Dummie (~4 min, ilvl 377)


Buff/Debuffs (only pressing shield block a bit, no ignore pain presses)

so your link for talents is not letting my import into the talent tree can you post a ss of your talents please

Will do, when I find some time later.
The talent string changes every time, they do some updates to talents etc. :roll_eyes:

Added a link to the wowhead talent calculator, as the export/import string for talents seems to change every other day.

With the rend spreading bug fixed, this is gonna go even better! Thanks for the macro!

I was messing around with the talents after the latest update. Might want to look into shockwave and sonic boom. With avatar im critting for 30k. But i like what you did here with the talents.

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I looked into it. And while I think that Shockwave is really useful in higher keys, the bleed effect from Thunderous Roar and especially Thunderous Words, which increases your bleed damage by a flat 15%, is better.
The build revolves around your bleed effects, giving you a chance to generate 5 rage per tick. So having one more bleed seems like a good thing.

And then there’s Endurance Training, which, in my opinion, is an absolutely useless talent :smiley: .

Have to wait and see what nerfs are to come with prepatch.


I will be making a separate thread when a few days after prepatch hits live servers. With proper formatting and description. But for now I will wait and see what nerfs and changes are to come.