DW Frost DK for GS


Thank you for this! Works like a charm!

Im having a massive problem with htis macro all it does is spam Howling blast i have all the moves but it still only uses Howling Blast



I was looking for a dw frost macro that had blood tap:)

pulled 30k instantly


interesting, have to try this out i normally have a separate macro for BT as watching my character spas out was annoying but i will try this. also I take it you just kept out Empower rune weapon to use as needed?

I really like using a DK with DW, only trouble I have now is finding the weapons to use…

any help…??

well if you have about 60k apexis you can buy 2 of the 1h 650 blues for 10k each then buy the epic upgrades 20k each and turn them into 695 epics. just note the secondary stats are random so hope you get haste, mastery or both.