Easiest class to play with lazy macro (carpal tunnel syndrome) (Low APM)?

Hey i was wondering what lowest APM class due to having carpal tunnel and also that not a BM Hunter or Demon Hunter i have tried em both but but both are no go for me due to fast pace which my hands can’t handle so any other suggestions ???

Destro lock or fury warr like 3 to 4 buttons max

If you want play at a reasonable lvl using these macros then dh has always been well supported. Then bm hunter if your using lazymaxros

Where can i find Fresh 120 BM Hunter macros ?

Come on now. You in the forum know where. Grab one align talents and goto a dummy


I have the autoimmune disease Psoriatic Arthritis so i play with a Belkin N52te(same as Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad) to make my macros spam and I find BM hunter really great due to being able to move while casting. I use 2 macros. 1 button for Single Target and 2nd button for AE which includes Multi-shot to make the pet cleave etc. Those two macros have made my life so much easier. I also use a mouse that has the buttons on the side that you can program in windows. My mouse is the RedDragon Impact M908 model. I love it because it is just like the Razer gear but a quarter of the price. Anyways, if you decide to try BM hunter again I could share my 2 macros with you. I use it for raids, M+, PVP etc.

Good luck my friend.

I have similar problems with degenerate arthritis and I’ve found a number of solutions. Please note however that these are technically against wow’s TOS, however they seem to understand that many people with disabilities need these types of programs to be able to play and let it slide.

You can use AHK (auto hot key) to spam the key while you hold it down. For instance I have my main macro set to key 2 as long as I hold 2 down it creates a key press ever .3 sec (the amount of key presses can be changed.)

I can and have also used Razer. There are a number of things you can do from making a key continue to press while holding. On key press continue to spam until pressed again. Make a long sequence of different keys that are pushed.

With this in mind I find Prot and Fury warriors, Both specs of DH, non breath builds of Frost DK, Shadow Priest, Prot and Ret pally, and BM hunter to work great.

Elemental Shaman, Destro and Affliction Lock, and Blood DK all work fairly well but often require multiple set ups or modifiers.

Frost and Fire mage sadly don’t work at all.

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I have frost and fire mage working exceptionally well but have others on that list not working.

The problem with these “best” or “easiest” or “FOtM class here” questions is it’s not a black and white question nor a black and white answer.

It’s a combination of What YOU the player like + knowledge of the class + understanding of the class mechanics + macro + talents + traits + gear + computer + connection + willingness to tweak all of the above to make it work right for YOU.

A good macro is one factor but the best macro for one person is the complete worst for another.

The easiest class to use GSE with is the one you enjoy playing. doesn’t matter how good a macro you have if you don’t enjoy the class your not going to stick with it.

I should have mentioned that the above ratings are based on a single macro (maybe two one for single target and another for aoe) with minimal other modifiers or the needs for additional buttons.

For example frost mage fails at this because it is proc dependent that relies on a very specific sequence. Necessitating a frost lance key (or modifier but then you have the problem of accidentally double spamming it) and another for /castsequence flurry, Ice Lance that needs to be a normal macro (GSE will often cast it out of order.)

It can cast

/cast [nochanneling] Glacial Spike
/cast [nochanneling] Ebonbolt
/cast [nochanneling] Comet Storm
/cast [nochanneling] Frozen Orb
/cast [nochanneling] Frostbolt

But this is a far different to the BM macro were I press 2 the entire fight without the need to watch for procs or use any other buttons at all. As this was a thread asking about APM’s and I specified using AHK BM would have very low APM’s (a single button hold for a 5 min fight) vs frost mages multiple buttons procing randomly.

Can you make a decent frost mage macro(s) sure but I don’t think that is whats being asked for in this thread.

The specs I listed as great tend to be able to be 50% or better parses for ilvl doing nothing more then a single key hold or at most a modifier or additional aoe macro. The ones in the middle require multiple macros to run well at 50% parses but it can be done with work. The last tier is those specs that require knowledge of how to play the spec and often require multiple macros, they are a slightly easier version of playing the spec as it was intended.

You are assuming I use mods in my macros … how quaint. For all three specs on my mage I simply hold down the 2 key. Is it perfectly min/maxed no but i am not far off and yes its over 50% parsing. If i wanted to put in key modifiers yes it would be better blah blah blah.

The question is what is the easiest class. The answer is so subjective it cannot be answered in a meaningful way by anyone except the original poster as the as the question they want the answer to is not what is the easiest class but what will be the easiest class FOR THEM, in THEIR CIRCUMSTANCE. What I am saying is that any class can and does meet the criteria as specified as easiest.

If thats the case please share it.

I’ve looked for such a macro and could not find one and have attempted to create one myself but have never been able to create one that worked in a way I like. In fact I currently have a thread open about nesting a nonGSE cast sequence macro to ensure the proper cast sequence is used when casting Flurry. Furthermore I know that the mage community has desired a good frost macro for a LONG time. I want to say the last good frost macro I saw was Vipers and even that one had three separate modifier keys.

As far as what has the least amount of APM thats not subjective that has a very objective answer.

I use Vipers but I removed the mods from the lines and reordered it. At his request I don’t re share it.

Dh and hunter has been consistently the best classes when using gse. Simple spammed rotations that don’t have alot of abilities