Easy PvP class via GS macro

So planning to Boost a lvl 100 character from scratch and wondering WHAT’s BEST PvP class out there that IS totally easy to play and also able to GS and help me get geared via ashran ?

I hear a lot of good things from:

Feral Druid
Enh Shaman
Ret Paladin / Shockadin PvP Healing + Damage
Hunter Marksman, Beastmastery and Survival
Ww Monk
Death Knight Frost and Unholy

Rogue overall is fun but don’t know about their macro’s.

Cheers and Goodluck,

Tim Roeleveld

I can speak for Spriests and BM Hunters; both will be problematical for GS in Legion PVP and I have decided to re-roll another class because of the limitations of each.

The problem that Spriests will be that (with GS) is that you will need to line up bursts, Void Form, mainline DPS, and survivability in order to be effective. While this is true for all classes, Spriests makes managing all that (due in large part to the added requirement of going in and out of Void Form) …quite a challenge to roll one in Legion and write a solid GS macro…specifically if you PVP, as I do.

The problem with BMs is different. While I do not foresee any hiccups with macro coding, there are just too few slows in Legion for my taste. Having melee perma-tattooed to your face = not a good thing.

That said, melee is really strong right now; most of their casts are instant, have simple rotations, so they would likely be good candidates for you. Prot Paladin is looking reeeeeeeally good.

Another option that is showing promise is Arcane Mage; plenty of CC breakers, slows, and a mainline Greater Invisibility spell along with regen Ice Blocks. A simple spell rotation that is not clunky (unlike Spriests’-in-and-out-of-Void Form-ability) will obviously be beneficial.

These are just my opinions, so you are free to take or leave them as you will, but I hope that I’ve helped you to narrow which classes are not viable.

–John Q.