Eats Shoots and Leaves, Hunter's mark, Attack with pet, Shoot

This is adapted from another Vanilla macro i used a lot.

Its my go to opener, it Hunters Marks the target, send pet to attack, uses charge or dash, then starts autoshot.

When leveling for high stamina targets follow up with a Serpent Sting, or on low ones Multi Shot if it wont PULL or BREAK CC, or Arcane Shot.

Not to be spammed, just press it once.

On the Default/PVP/Party setting, this is a kick ass pull macro, the ULTIMATE in hunter Kill Stealing, it also Auto Targets, just point your toon at the target, and it will send pet and cast hunters mark at 50 yards, no other class can target from that distance. If you Click to select a target, it will send pet from any distance.

On the Dungeon setting, you can change Target on the first line to the tank’s name, so you are always attacking what they are, or target the tank. (change attack on assist to on in settings).

On the raid setting you will need to tab target , or click target, as it is way too easy to pull something you dont want to (tank may be targeting next group of mobs to mark them)


This macro contains 3macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.14.

  • The Default macro is 1
  • Normal Dungeons use version 2
  • Raids use version 3
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence:

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence:

Macro Version 3
Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence: