Edahs Test Ground One button

Hey all !

New Macro creator here.

Been working on this for a number of days as we all know the issue with the blindside Proc as spotted by @LEGION_MACROS .

This macro has been tried and tested in the new raid (2 + 4 Piece gear ) and is successful so i will now share it with the community.

Respect the use of downtime in a fight so all GCD can cool down before main fight (do not keep the Rotation going)

Be respectful of of Thistle Tea

The playstyle is basically when Shadow Dance is cast at the start of rotation Use Thistle Tea with it… this is attached to a SHIFT modifier using the addon CLICKED (can be found on curseforge)

On the 30 Seconds of Shadow Dance cooldown, Use Thistle Tea This means that you should have Thistle Tea on a constant use throughout the fight .

Highest damage 112K burst at the start
Average DMG 68K- 70k at the end of a 3 min Rotation.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 122441



OB ST @150MS


I Have credited a number of people within the macro @Elfyau @lloskka & @LEGION_MACROS as i have learnt from their macros to build this one.

IF you find a better way or an improvement in uptime or damage, please attach to this so i can update the development for the community :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

EDIT<-- 04/12/2023 15:36
I have Removed the shift mod from the original and added it to an addon called clicked using “shift + Button 4” i find that a more effective speed to use Thistle Tea without it spamming it using it more than once.

EDIT<-- 04/12/2023 17:03
Stealth added to Key Release if not in combat


I will try this once im home !



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Thank you for this contribution! I’m very excited to try this! For Subtlety and Combat rogues, I’ve been using first Izzy’s, then up to now Elfyau’s macros for all my rogues (all specs). As we all know, neither of these fine folk have updated recently.

So I happily loaded your macro and your talents.

Right off the bat though, I’ve noticed an issue (at least for me). Per your KeyPress statement, if in “nostealth, nocombat” then the macro should put me into Stealth instantly.

It doesn’t. At least, not until I mash 3 or 6 times - it’s not consistent at all. And occasionally, it puts me into Stealth right away, as expected. Any thoughts?

NOTES: I am manually button mashing and I tried this on two separate assn rogues, both level 70. Both are having this sporadic stealth issue. Also, when it ‘misfires’, I get the error “There is nothing to attack”, or sometimes “You cannot attack that target” even with no target, if that helps.

It makes me wonder if I’ll be misfiring other steps in your macro?

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Hey @Darkstar_1908 thank you for the feedback.

Few questions
Do you use a macro toggle (automation) or do you hit the button physically for it to circulate the rotation?

( i use toggle as i suffer from carpel tunnel quite badly so i go with the toggle option)

2, i have been able to Replicate the issue if you hit the button manually, and i have added the key release so that will help as well.

3, i have not had the error of nothing to attack before but i will try and replicate.

I have just tried it on LFR and the results against raid bosses



Council (turned into a duck 4 times)


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Thank you for the speedy response!

I hit the button physically for it to circulate the rotation.

Should I redownload your macro now?

It should be good to download, but unfortunately due to my condition i cant try out the manual mash on one button.

let me know how it goes, i apricate the feedback as always.


Aha! I figured out how to fix it. I went back to Elfyau’s macros and for each and every sequence/step they have KeyPress at the beginning and KeyRelease at the end.

I added this to your macro and now it works flawlessly for me!

Please consider adding to yours and testing :slight_smile:

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At Gladiator’s Refuge training dummy in Valdrakken, I’m getting 35K-40K at 425-IL. Does this sound about right?

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I just ran it at Valdraken and got a high of 124K and an average of 64k on a single dummy and the damage was over 3 mins.

My Ilvl is 452 with this char

Can you copy and paste your gear?

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It’s all boost gear - “Lightdrinker” gear with 424 IL, except for one ring that dropped “Snipping Sleet Circle” that has 444 IL, which bumped the overall to 425.

I am just testing a new rotation and tree change for better DPS, it is getting 10-15k more damage in raid :slight_smile:

What is your delay for the toggle?

Hello, Sorry for the late reply.

I use the steel series engine.


Hope all is well

i used razer naga and put my macro on side button wherei hold down ans it fires of macro til let go .well your macro work well with that type mouse cuz i dont use toggle or manuel press? btw i tried it out and for some reason it build combo pts but never uses them so im at a lost

So far, so good… any chance you will be adding a OB AoE macro to it as well?

Sweet, Can you add the Thistle Tea to the rotation?
Further, after the GCD Rotation the dps really low and the macro replay on cds with make it slowly.

Please update!