Elemental MAX DPS PVE

Using the following Specs

Talents: 2,3,1,1,2,2
Major Glyph: Lighting Shield, Chain Lighting, 3rd is optional
Minors are also optional.

Macro Explaination
I Kinda follow the Rotation from Noxxic and had great results, I Boosted my Shammy to 90 and got around 2800 DPS with Basic lv90 Gear around iLv485.

  1. Keeps Flame Shock Up and reapply b4 it ends.
  2. Keeps Searing Totem up.
  3. Casts Unleash Flame and Larva Burst when needed.
  4. Stacks 15 Shields and Uses Earth Shock to get Fulmination
  5. Buffs Elemental Mastery and Ancestral Guidance when Available.

Single Target

#show Flame Shock
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Searing Totem,Flame Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Earth Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt
/castsequence [combat]reset=8 Lava Burst
/castsequence [combat]reset=15 !Unleash Flame
/castsequence [combat]reset=120 !Ancestral Guidance
/castsequence [combat]reset=120 !Elemental Mastery


#show Earthquake
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=10 Earthquake,Searing Totem,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Earthquake,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Chain Lightning,Earth Shock

And I’m Also using this on Raids when Bosses hit 25% hp


#show Bloodlust
/cast Ascendance
/cast Bloodlust
/cast Fire Elemental Totem
/cast Spiritwalker's Grace
/cast [@player] Empower

What ADDON is this m8?

This one is awesome… Works even better with Unleash fury than primal… Using it and loving i…Ty Jizar

This is the best macro out there. I’ve tried many GS macros but you’ve got the best results.

Jizar Stoffel, do you keep using the same macro ?

These are absolutely the best lazy macros for Elemental Shammys! 20% - 30% higher Single target DPS and 40% AoE compared to the GS macros posted. Thanks a ton for sharing these.

what addon are you using ?

I’m using http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10496-SuperDuperMacro.html

Loving this macro set

try this all proc are fired off this is a macro toolkit macro

/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/castsequence Unleash Flame, Flame Shock, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt,
/castsequence reset=0.3 !Lava Burst,Lava Burst,Lava Burst
/castsequence reset=12 Elemental Blast

Talents: 1,2,3,3,1,3
Major Glyph: Lighting Shield, Chain Lighting, Flame shock
Minors are optional.
not lvl 100 yet give a go and see what you think

Love this macro man, so amazing TY for your hard work

sorry to be so dim guys, is this a GS macro, and if so what is the full syntax?

No it is not GS

Will give it a try