Elemental Shaman idea.

So it seems that macro’s don’t follow thier own rules anymore. The ones people say are working I look at and in all honesty they should just lock up everytime you press the key. So anyhow this is what I’m trying to make.

cast Unleash Flame
cast Flame Shock (on target 30 secs unless the target dies which means it should be ready to use on next target)
cast Lava Burst (everytime it procs)
[mod] Unleash Flame (to use between Flame Shocks)
cast lightning bolt
cast Earth Shock (I couldn’t find any reason to cast it at 15 stacks - it seems to just light up to say “hey 15 stacks dude”)

So I came up with this
/castsequence Reset=combat/12 Unleash Flame, Flame Shock, Lava Burst
/castsequence Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock
/cast Lava Burst (should I use the !Lava Burst?)
/cast [combat] Shamanistic Rage

I don’t know where or how to put a [mod:alt] command there. I suppose since it’s a macro I could live without it.

Keybinding (mine)

  1. Attack Macro
  2. Thunderstorm
  3. AoE Macro (other people AoE macro’s seem fine -[mod] Earthquake if possible)
  4. Wolf Form
  5. Hex or Heal (maybe [mod] Heal) - still need to make it
  6. Burst macro (Ascendance macro from Brad https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/elemental-6-0-2-swap-bar-totem-ascendance-aoe-aoe-5-everything-from-a-z/)
  7. Spiritwalker’s Grace
  8. Raid burst macro (Heroism, Ascendance, Trinket’s, Potions)

R. Searing Totem
F. Shield totem (forget the name)
T. Wind Shear (/stopcasting /cast Wind Shear)
G. Purge (/stopcasting /cast Purge)