Elemental Shaman ST Stormtrooper

Give me your thoughts on this build. I am currently ilevel 328 at the time of this post as a new 70 Shaman. I decided to give it a go and with no buffs on the dummy I am able to sustain 15.5k to 16.3k dps. And upwards of 38k to 42k on MT.
This is a 2 button macro with no mods. I have Lava Burst in 1, ST in 2, and MT in 3. I use Lava Burst as a filler when its procced. Then just spam 1 or 2 dependent on your situation.

Elemental Single Target


Elemental Multi-Target




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.26.

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i’m only lvl 60, but this is working great. really good job with this macro.

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to how it works endgame. I am a solo player and not a modder but I do understand the way GSE works and will be making more for all my toons with all specs except healers.

Macro is calling for Stormkeeper talent but it lightning rod is slotted in talent tree.

Also getting a rather large pause but still working to see where it is and if it is me or the macro.

Not stormkeeper I just called it stormtrooper for the fun of it. I also had that pause at one point but it seems to have resolved itself after using it for awhile. I can’t make it do it again.

I hope the screenshot helps more than my explanation :slightly_smiling_face:.

I have the Stormkeeper spell somehow without it being talented so it is an error on my part.

Just ignore me =) New to Shamaning and did not know it was a base spell instead of a talent.

Leaving the above messages as a lesson in hubris.

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Yeah sorry @Leonov for the misunderstanding. Lightning Rod is the lower tier passive that I thought was a better choice than stormkeeper since we already have stormkeeper up above and having 2 on a one minute cd made no since and gives a bigger cleave with your aoe abilities with lightning rod. Besides I love seeing Lighting flying everywhere when I hit it.

But as you can see from my screen shot that stormkeeper is in the talent build and therefore works in the rotation that is what gets us to lightning rod.
I hope this better explains my concept. Thanks for the input.

Check my post below @Leonov I better explained it for you. I am new to GSE so I will check out all questions to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. So thanks for the input.

Thanks @warduke It was just me getting confused =)

This macro does some big dps, very nice!

I am so glad to hear that. Thank you for the test.

Would like to thank you as I was crying that no one has updated any ELE builds as ENH is what all are playing. Been trying to figure out how to make my own, BUT not going to well lol.

Thank you again.

Please let us fellow dirty ELE players know if you find any way it eek out for damage and updates.

i’m not a ENH person. i think Shaman should only be healer or ELE. lol so i was happy when this macro was put out.

Thanks for the macro, it looks like every now and then ST gets stuck, I am running at 250ms.

Thank you all for your input I am aware that ST gets stuck at times but its happening on all my toons and macros for some reason. I am trying to get a fix and find out if its a GSE thing or if its my macro build as all my macro’s are pretty much built the same way and I do not like the pauses. As I have every possible race, class, and spec (except healing, LOL) I will be putting out a whole bunch of macro’s out so stay tuned.

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I would also like to add that I do not use gaming mice or keyboards so do not know ms speeds I am an OB or two player and click a lot I am disabled with RA and also can’t remember a bunch of key binds unfortunately. But enough drama about that. What I would like from those of you that do run them is input on what your would or do run my macro’s at, how they perform with them and key binds you would like to see me put in the macro builds that they can be adjusted to everyone. That input would be great and I will change the macro to suit.

LOL I only make “dirty” macro’s lol I do not do healing because I suck.

Hey Warduke, many thanks for your comments.
From my testing it seems like the problem is with Astral Shift, I tried to remove it from macro but with no luck… yeah thats my GSE skill, lol.

Anyway, is it worth putting major CD’s on a macro like this? Astral shift being one of them Storm elemental another, maybe there is some logic behind it…