Elfyau is been taken ill

Just letting people know that Elfau is in the hospital with a bad infection and due to his poor health, it may be serious.
As of now, we don’t know when he will be back and macros will have to be on hold.
Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend your son needs you.


Hoping for a good outcome Elfyau is a good dude. The first macros i ever used where his and on his stream he is super chill. @Elfyau

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Yes, he is a nice dude. Even with his struggles, I won’t go into it one which is cancer he does the macros cause he likes helping people. Just wish more people showed some support by going into his Twitch channel to say thank you.
Usually I Grumpy keep him company and I’m not in the best of health but we help each other I guess.
thank you for thinking of him.

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Super sad to read this.
He’s a cool dude for sure. I stopped by his twitch a few weeks ago to thank him for the macros and talked about what a shame it is that macro creators eat so much shit from the community.
He had nothing negative to say about anyone, and shared a lot of insight that I never thought of.
Real class act.

Hope he bounces back soon!

PS this thread finally made me create an account

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:pray:t6: :pray:t6: :pray:t6: :pray:t6: :pray:t6:

This is the official message from he’s x :frowning:

@everyone Just a quick heads up for everyone, Elfy is in hospital at the moment due to an infection. We don’t know what is causing the infection, or it seems how to best treat it.
So he won’t be on for a bit (not sure how long) and he won’t be able to work on any macros.

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If this means he’s passed away…this really sucks.

Touchwood nahhh Deezyl The worry is his health wasn’t much good before he got this. Now they don’t even know what is causing it. When you live on 90 dollars a week you can’t afford the luxuries most people have so he would go without a lot of things.
He eats one meal a day he will kill me for saying this so the kid when he stays has money for him.
How he finds time to help people out with macros is beyond me shows what a person he is.


Where is he ( & you ) from?

Thats not normal to recieve 90 dollars a week even in the worst conditions from government.

Lots of cheers and positive vibes to @Elfyau .

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He lives In south Australia Timothys country. He is on unemployment benefits which is $250 a week
Take out the rent of $160 that leaves him 90 for food medical expenses bills.
And we live in the lucky country :frowning:
You know for the time I have known him he hasn’t complained once that’s true courage.


Oh, unfortunate to hear. I hope each new day brings him closer to a full and speedy recovery.

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I sincerely hopes he recovers and wish him good health to come. I have always enjoyed his contributions to the community. A truly class act. Feel better my friend.

Me and him talk off game alot also and he a really good guy. he puts everybody before him as much as he can. this sudden hosptialization is hard on everybody that does know him. i admit i’m probably not as close as @levend62 and him. but he has kept me laughing and crying with some of his RL stories. I really hope he gets better. His macros are amzing and he spends so much time helping us enjoy the game we love more.

Elfy is out of hospital and resting at home. Turns out it is a common bug caused by chemotherapy.


Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for thinking of me, I appreciate it and it means a lot to me. Thank you @levend62 for creating this post and letting everyone know what’s happening. @levend62 is almost right about the bug, it is very common for people going through chemo to get this infection, but I have not had chemo for a few years now. However, it is also common for people with a compromised immune system to get this infection, which is my case sadly. The only reason I am still not in the hospital is that the infection can be treated by tablet antibiotics, so I no longer need the intravenous antibiotics and they needed the bed. Either way, I am still not well and it will be a few days or more before I am better. So IF there are any updates from me they will be intermittent at best.

Aside from the point, I will get better and back to the macros soon. Again a big thank you to everyone for their support. It really does mean a lot!

Much love Elfyau


What a cool dude. I hope everything works out for you eventually. Is there something we can do to help? A Patreon or a partnered twitch account?

Wish you all the best.

My thoughts are with you Elfy

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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Rest all you want!

but not for long, horde doesnt kill by itself



here is a link to his twitch About Elfyau - Twitch


Elfyau is still sick and he keeps posting macros please don’t push him. Thanks for the link to his twitch Imsystem hope some people in here that can help out even a little will go a long way in helping out especially medical bills as he hardly has money for food let alone bills.