Elfyau's 8.2.5 Feral ST/AOE Macro's

As some have requested here is my Feral macro split into ST and AOE.

Running @70ms
Modifier: ALT - Mighty Bash



Feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance!!

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works perfect thanks :grinning: thumbs up for u. I added
/cast Concentrated Flame
in the premacro section but like u said earlier it depends on what azerite people have.
are you going to make classic macro’s also in the classic section ? :partying_face:

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Possibly depends on how much time I have lol

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I am going to try both of these out immediately Elfyau! The previous all-in-one Shift macro got me improvement, but like others, I continue to get the shape shift error. I tried the suggestions you made to others and didn’t get resolution. I will post how things go with these two new ones. Thank you so very much for your generosity and assistance in helping those of us who want to perform better in the game, but have some challenges that impede our efforts.


Tried the new single target macro and was able to push to about 13k by manually adding in Thrash and Brutal Slash. I am still getting the Shapeshift error message so I don’t know what I am doing incorrectly. Oh, btw, the simcraft i did said i should be pushing 20K. I really appreciate your help.

I don’t what else to try with the shapeshift error sorry I have banged my head on the wall for a long time with that one and it’s even harder since I myself do not get the error… You could maybe just maybe try remove the check form in the OnKeyPress section… I am just throwing ideas about now lol

As for the DPS vs Sim I know there is a marked difference it is a problem I see for myself and know a few others are having it as well, rest assured I am taking a little time each week (sometimes each day lol) to try and get closer to sim numbers. In saying that though also remember that simmed numbers are basically given from a perfect rotation with no Ping, Lag, Perfect PC builds etc etc etc. Even elite players rarely match or do better that a simmed toon.
It’s more important for the macro to help improve how you are doing at this very moment.

Thanks for the reply Elfyau. As I am seeing a definite improvement, I can’t really complain. :slight_smile:

I would love get a better understanding on how the macros work. I would like to try to do some tweaking, but I have no understanding of the syntax for the commands. Specifically, I would love to know if you have looked at Icy-veins on their recommended spell rotation/prioritization. If so, I am curious why you didn’t include Maim.

Lastly, I have seen you respond to posters saying you are using 70ms. What is this and how is it set?

Thanks in advance!

Check this post out I hope it can point you out in the right direction with the MS and how to change or use it: What is MS and how chan I change it? Answered

I haven’t used Maim because overall it seems to lower the macro’s DPS. I use Icy-viens, wowhead, noxxic and also askmrrobot to figure all my macro’s out :slight_smile:


Doesnt work by me i dont know why

What exactly isn’t working Lecram?

i cant aktivate wen i klick on the makro it doenst work

I assume you have dragged it onto your action bar? (Sorry if I am just starting with basics)

Even better, you can use /cast [combat, nochanneling] Heart Essence for every heart ‘beat’ :slight_smile:
And I usually put it in ‘PreMaco’
Also I like to use /cast [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl on start of the macro

This macro really works! Mighty fine work Elfyau!

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regarding prowl “problem” in feral macroes- found one thats working like a charm:
in Key release section. remove it all and put in :
/cast [stance:2, nostealth, nocombat] Prowl
/cast [nostance:2] Cat Form

I just wanted to pop in and thank you bud, I use your macros nearly exclusivly as i have hand issues they let me play a game i think would be far beyond me so thanks :slight_smile:

Ive also been playing around with youe aoe macro for leveling and come up with this;

Talents 2?1?131

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.18.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Wild Charge,Prowl,Cat Form

Main Sequence: Swipe,Thrash, Rip,Tiger’s Fury,Survival Instincts,Ferocious Bite,Berserk,Rake

KeyRelease: Regrowth

<Post Macro: Mighty Bash

not sure if i exported that right but i added m bash / w Charge / prowl in coz like why not lol i changed the macro to rip and rake wi f bite instead of p wraith and it works like a dream so far :slight_smile: Im getting close to 90 and cant wait to try this as is tbh.

again tyvm for all the macros bud :smiley:

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Your very welcome hopefully i can try your modified version soon!!

Did you change any talents for this?

Ahh i did i went 1 3 3 1 1 x x to ease levelling, but i’ll be going to your setup once i get to 90 :D, i just tried all 3 talent options as i went and went with the more comftable option for me at the time lol.

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What MS are you running these macros at? Make sure you always put that in any macro you make. I see you post alot of macros thats why i’m saying that. I would like to get a base line MS and i’m going to tweak this macro for PVP. Thanks