Elfyau's 8.3 DH Havoc Macro **Updated 8-June-20**

Great Macro - Almost at simmed DPS and very efficient keep it up!

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Same, the macro is working very well for me too. I never thought of trying the Demon Blades talent.

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Hello, great macro! Best dmg output of all macros here. Just a little question. Where can i add Chaos Nova?

What kind of content are you doing? Maybe swap it out for Meta in the on keypress function might be the best spot

Hi. In the russian version of the client, all talents are in english and the macro does not work. Your macros for other classes work on the russian client and all the talents are in russian.

Sadly this is outside my sphere of knowledge as it is to do with the addon itself during the translation process and I have no idea about it at all sorry

Hey Buddy,

Decided to try your macro and it was working very well. I just got and placed the lucid dreaming essence into my heart which refunds fury when using spells and abilities. Now every so often, the macro will seize up and I will only be hitting with auto attack and GSE (from what I can see) is only rotating through a couple of the skills in the macro. I’ve noticed that this happens when I hit full fury.

I’ve tried dumping fury manually but it still will act weirdly until out of combat or when some skills have come off cooldown then only use them and then return to autoattack. Still (as of Jan 7th) not sure what it is that’s causing it to seize up. I wouldn’t think that hitting full fury would cause it to crash like that.

Any thoughts let me know.

When did you get the macro? I will look into this in the morning to see if there is anything… Is the essence firing?

I imported it about a week or so ago and took from the original post. Yeah the concentrated flame is firing. I have the lucid dreaming essence in minor slot and when I hit full fury it does what I mentioned earlier. I might take out that lucid essence from minor slot to stop me hitting full fury too see if that makes a difference.

I’ll let ya know what results I get.

Thanks I will look over the code ASAP but I believe it sounds like you have the same essences as I do… hmmm what trinkets do you have?


Well, not sure what it is, it’s not an ‘everytime I max out fury’ thing. Sometimes I can hit max fury and it will be fine, then randomly it will seize up. As for my trinkets, not sure that’s the issue as I only have on equip trinks. I’ll try narrow it down when I get a chance to get on later.

Sorry I couldn’t give you any more info. To recap, it seems to go weird SOMETIMES when I am at full fury and seems to only flick through a couple of skills until something comes off cooldown. I might try to play with demon’s bite and immo aura chosen for now until I get more time to look into it.

Thanks for your help though :slight_smile:

I too have experienced random lock ups and it rarely fired my essence off for me . I suspected that both and essence share the same GCD so i removed blur and the lock ups have reduced if they occur at all. this may not apply to everyone but thought id offer my help on this as I love this macro!

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Any update coming out for this as of 8.3? or does it still work well?

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Atill works but will get to an update when I catch up in game :smiley:

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This currently works well but Elf I’m sure will do an update based on new 8.3 parameters. Certainly will be good enough until updated! Getting high dps with me at 439 ilvl and is fairly reliable. It did lock sometimes so I took out the Heart ability line to use separately. :slight_smile:

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sounds great, thanks :slight_smile:

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i’m not getting a lock up, i must not have something you all do, for it to lock up.

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Made some changes to talents and rotation, see how we go!?

Yo man can i get your discord? willing to shoot u cash for something.

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Will try this out later tonight as I use your last Felblade macro. I prefer felblade to DA but thats me, quick question what was the reasoning behind switching from Demons blade to Immolation aura? .

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