Elfyau's 8.3 DH Havoc Macro **Updated 8-June-20**

A complete rework with minor talent changes, DPS is much closer to SIM now :smiley: Hope you all enjoy it!!

Run @70ms

TALENTS:- 2311211
ALT:- Darkness
SHIFT:- Metamorphosis

Talents 2311211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Heart Essence, Blade Dance

KeyPress: Darkness, Metamorphosis

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Chaos Strike

KeyRelease: Blur

Post Macro: Heart Essence, Blade Dance

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Long time lurker, but this is my first reply, and I had a question. I have been using your macros on a lot of different classes and they have been amazing and really helped, but I am running into an issue with this one that I haven’t experienced anywhere else yet. About every third or fourth mob I fight, GSE seems to lock up and all my guy will do is auto attack.

I am running it at the 70ms as well.

Ok wow I haven’t had that at all yet and I have run a few mythic’s with it (including a couple of 9’s) Are you able to provide any more information? Do you know at what point it gets stuck? What spell maybe the issue?

I think I narrowed it down to it seeming to happen when I get hit with any kind of a knockback. I haven’t gotten into any dungeons or raids with it yet; just world quests and messing around. To be honest I think it might be more on my end being too slow to take my finger off the macro button and GSE getting backlogged with a bunch of stuff. I have no idea how GSE really works though and don’t know if that could be it. When it does work though, it works beautifully.

I cannot off hand think of anything that would be causing this, but keep me updated and I will think on it. In the mean time what are you using to run the macro?

I was just pressing the keybind like a madman until I remembered I bought a Logitech G600 (my left hand is…special). It’s now bound to one of those keys and set to go off at the 70ms mark. I haven’t really played around with it much seeing as BFA wants to make you do grinding world quests for every damn thing under the sun, but I am sure I will revisit soon.

Before you delve too deep into this, I haven’t looked at the guts of the macro yet, but I do not have any of the end game stuff like heart powers and the like, so I don’t know if you have those baked in or not. That may or may not be causing it to lock up as well.

I have experienced that lockup too. The line cast/ Heart essence was what was causing the problem for me before I got the essence. I just comment that line out until I actually get the essence and have had no further lockups.


lol I was about to ask if you had the heart essence :slight_smile: try removing that line if you do not

Updated the macro, there is a few changes to talents and rotation please try it and let me know (new macro in OP)

Its not allowing me to drag onto my wow bar once imported. Know how to fix this?

Do you use the default UI? or another like Elvui?

this wont working via leveling. i need a leveling macro. u dont get talents at 100 u get all of them at 110.

Hey Elfyau, just curious why you don’t have Throw Glaive in the macro?

To be honest it was causing issues while in mythic’s breaking traps and pulling mobs lol I will try and it again now that I have the main macro sorted for the moment :smiley:

Ah, makes sense. Lol, I threw it in for leveling.

Had any trouble using it for leveling?

Well I started using it at 108 so it seems to work good for that level, not sure about prior levels.

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Sweet np, I don’t make leveling macro’s as they change to often to fast. There would be like 50 macro’s for once class if I tried making a leveling macro for it lol

Hey guys some more tweaks to this macro! Possible talent changes and rotation changes grab the new macro from the original post! Thanks! Don’t forget the feedback!

Works great, using demon’s blades instead of bite probably helps out a lot for macros.

Just removed Eye beam and put it on a mod key and added combat to everything but chaos strike.

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