Elfyau's 8.3 Marksman Hunter Macro **Updated 15-Sep-20**

I’m pasting the import code, and nothing is happening. Any idea on how I get it to work?

Same, i import and nothing happens.

It just seems to be a problem with this one for me, I can get this one to One Button Hunter Marksmanship import.

Any ideas how I can get the above one to work?

did you just update GSE recently? I did and it is not importing for me either, I know it used to as I lost all my macros recently and got them back from here…

Wont import for me either after update.

Yeah I was on a total fresh install of both WoW and GSE. Are you maybe able to export from your’s if you have the latest version and I can try import that?

Anyone have any logs from this Macro?

There are two macros in macros. How to use the second macro

it will switch automatically when in areas it is needed

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So which of these are the the most complete, are they all working well when focusing tank?

Mine (the top post) is working well and yes works well focusing the tank :slight_smile:

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ok ill test it out here in a sec

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Have you ran this in raids? Just focus one of the tanks?

Also seems I’m pushing more dps with this then the bm on weird. Maybe traits

With raids just focus one of or the main tanks, yeah possibly traits the can make a huge difference

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Hi guys

So I have tested a ton of macros on this page, and on others. There seems to be a major issue that nobody has even looked into yet. With MM, there is some sort of error sound delay when casting Arcane Shot or Double Tap. I keep hearing an error sound all the time. It doesn’t happen with AOE which is funny but with ST it does.

I am wondering if Arcane Shot has a GCD delay or if Double Tap does.

Error sound? I haven’t heard it but yes Arcane Shot is on the GCD but I don’t know about Double Tap.

I’m still working on the process of elimination. Arcane Shot seems to be it or Steady Shot. But one is giving a lot of error sounds.

This seems to happen with all macros on this forum even other topics. I’m running everything at 100 MS too.

Hello, I am kinda new to macros and am wondering how to get the different versions of the macro to work?

No need with my macro at least they will change automatically.

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