Elfyau's 8.3 Prot Warrior **Updated 6/Mar/2020**

Finally got around to updating this macro!! Made some changes in the hopes of improving it somewhat for both defense, survivability, and DPS. Feedback would be appreciated :smiley:

Run @70ms adjust if needed.
SHIFT: Spell Reflection
ALT: Shield Wall

Talents 2223111

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.4.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Thunder Clap, Avatar, Demoralizing Shout

KeyPress: Shield Wall, Spell Reflection

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Devastate, Victory Rush, Thunder Clap, Shield Block, Revenge, Ignore Pain

KeyRelease: Victory Rush

Post Macro: Shield Slam, Demoralizing Shout, Avatar, Last Stand, Thunder Clap

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right talents? not 1123211?

yeah right talents, (had to check lol) but if 1123211 work for you great!! it wont affect how the macro runs!

it feels like a rage is not enough. need more Ignore Pain

I felt like there wasn’t enough rage as well, but in the 4 hours of testing I had Ignore Pain up 84-91% of the time… will look into the rage thing though because it would mean more Ignore Pain by default there would be more there just isn’t the rage.

Tweaked it a little with ignore pain in mind it should now be up 99-100% of the time :slight_smile:

Will do some more modifications tomoz and post it I am beat… Need all the feedback I can get cheers!

Work fine for me. Thanks!
crit 16%
speed 21%
mas 29%
vers 12%

415 ilvl

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Thank you for this sir

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I was pulled into work today but home now for a couple days, I will run mythics tonight with it. That being said - one of the problems with an all in one for prot war is rage starvation - hence having Revenge out of the macro (and/or having a seperate AE macro with Revenge). Also want to be able to use those free Revenge procs as needed.

Will post soon. (420 ilvl)


Its working good for me. I would remove avatar from rotation and put it on a mod bind (maybe its better for higher keys) and replace Spell Reflection with Shockwave but this is personal preference. Thanks for this, i’ll keep using it and post soon if necessary! <3

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Hmmm I was thinking if theres a way to remove Last Stand from postmacro castsequence without affecting Demoralizing Shout ? I’d like to use Shield Wall and Last Stand when needed, strong cds and not gcd.

Will have a look when I can and let you know

Hey dude makro is not running , i have to import gs is reading but is not running :frowning: can you help ?

I might be able to but will need more information

Well, I’ve inserted your gs code via copy paste in Gse, Gse has him, he also knows but he does not recognize the ability of the macro, it is possibly s.der translation? because every other one translates it and I can use it, to say it plays on German clients but so far he has translated every lazy macro from English into German, he just does not run it and does not even say a mistake of “need a target” or other sry for my bad english iam using google translator. but I hope you understand what I mean

I have never really worked with macros being translated, this is only a guess and may not work at all but try deleting the icon for it after you have imported it and then create a new one to drag to your action bars.

Yes . but is not runnig to buit np dude txys for your help

Hey so I ran this macro and the fury st and aoe macros today and noticed my character being locked into his position when maneuvering around the area…it may be only me but wanted to bring this up

have you got a trinket that is cast/use at location?