Elfyau's 8.3 Resto Shammy DPS/Heals Macro (Updated 1-Apr-20)

Are all plug-ins deleted or useless

No sometimes some addons conflict, so I was curious

How to resolve add-in conflicts

The first macro automatically selects the stump without releasing the skill

Selects the Stump? What Stump?

Sorry, it’s a wooden stake.

Solved the problem.Skills are English. I will translate it into Chinese

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help i press import but nothing happen there is no macro or anything that appear after i import it

alot of people are having this issue since the last update of GSE I have put a ticket in and hoping it will be resolved soon

Hi again Elfyau hopping you are ok !!
I am seeing your character in ask mr robot …but he give me other stats !! do i have to apply what Ask Mr Robot say …or it’s not updating ? and what simulation i must use to know what good for me ?? …please help me !! I have items in bags high level but he say it’s not good to use …

Are you resto or Enhance? here is a video to show how to use askmrrobot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DitDldvXSg

was Enhancement – now Elemental … try to be Healer …but bad healer …trying to be good healer with macro …any help or keybinding or icon location

I gave you my Elvui profile once before, but otherwise it is put it where it is comfortable and easy for you to use. I also recommend getting an addon called decursive which will help to dispel people with a single click.

Not sure what is happening, but when I use your DPS macro, it frequently opens up my “Mission Report” menu. I’m totally confused on this, since I completely removed any hotkeys for that menu & it still opens. It’s only w/ the DPS, not healz macro.

@TimothyLuke, have you ever heard of GSE doing this before?

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Yep. You have a follower item of the same name as one of your spells in your inventory.


Interesting, never would’ve thought about that. Thank you.

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Hey @Elfyau, any current updates to this?

Will be coming soon my pc crashed and I lost all of my macro’s I’m rebuilding them now have to test the shammy’s before i post it

@Elfyau Sorry to hear about the PC there. Thanks for the update.

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Ok guys and gals I have updated the original post with the updated macro! Please let me know how it goes for you! Also I am toying with the idea of removing the self/group heals from the DPS macro, what do you think? Test it and let me know cheers!!

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