Elfyau's 8.3 Unholy DK Macro **Update 15-April-20**

Yep, pressing and holding.

Am I missing something right here? Sequence is the only choice I have there.

is D1 the number 1 key? not the number pad but the 1 above the q button? but if it is it looks correct, maybe try addin in one or 2 more presses of it

yeah when i hit the 1 key on my number bar, it showed up as D1. And when I hit the P1, it seems to know to hit the 1 buttons, but it only hits it once and the rest of the time she stands there swinging with just a generic melee attack

maybe i shouldnt bother with the program keys from Omen. What is everyone else using to program their button?

AHK (Auto Hot Key) for people that don’t have the mouse and software button. it works fine though atm I am trying to get it to work with modifiers (i.e. shift, alt,ctrl)

Check this post out it will help you get started until I can work out how to get it to work with the modifiers (it will at least let you run the macro) What is MS and how chan I change it? Answered

also have a look at your omen software and see if there is an option to run the macro until you release the P1 key

Seems when I hit shift the macro stops firing. Using autohotkey script @70ms

Need them heals!

Yeah sorry I am working on the AHK script so modifiers work

Sounds good, ill check back, Other then that im a noob to unholy but feel like a god! thanks to your macro!

@Riddle Make sure the skill you want to use is not on cooldown/out of ressources(runes). For exemple, with my DH, if I press on Eye Beam modifier and skill on cd, the macro stops and waits until either the skill is off cd or I have enough ressource. Might be a similar problem

Updated the AHK script to work with modifiers: What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers)

Do you have any plans in the future to make a updated frost dk macro? I just want to thank you for all the macros you have provided for the community.

@james-harris it is my intention after I run a few more dungeons with unholy to start working on a frost build, at this point though there is no eta.

how can i put in chains of ice and where? so i can do pvp with this macro.

all i need is chains of ice every 8 seconds or when ever as it requires 1 rune.

every person just runs away from me. so chains of ice will stop them for little while.

where do i incert it in?

Best bet is to put it in the pre macro section and put this there: /cast [nochanneling] Chains of Ice

how can I stop the macro from auto targeting, A few times ive pulled by accident cause I was looking in direction of other mobs after the pack we were on died

In the OnKeyPress section remove the line: /targetenemy [noharm]

awesome thanks, Also is there a was to make macro use epidemic more?

To be honest I do not remember off the top of my head where it is in the macro I will check next time I am on the toon :slight_smile:

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