Elfyau's DF v1.4 Destruction Warlock **Updated 15-May-24**

Check your key binds I usualy find that when i need to hold down shift and have the macro going on a certain button it might already be bound. like pet attack keybind or something. just look at your keybinds and unbind that key

I’ll check that, thank you.

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!


Thank you for this. Been using your Warlock macros for a while now. Cup o’ Joe sent your way.

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Hey Elf and others- I have been playing destro with your GHS- macro however while your WW does extremely well I get hardly any DPS here (48-50K) at most while others are in the twice that number. My gear level is 436, Intel 10.127, Crit 24%, Haste 29%, Mastery 48%
Please advise thank you

How does your ilvl compare to theirs? are you of similar ilvl or are theirs higher?

I did not check their gear levels out while running mythics. Next time I will be look them over. These are 8-10 keys and I’m pretty sure most have better gear. Next time I will post a screen shot of the dps difference.
I attempted to do a key 13 but was removed due my low dps and a tank who had not the required 460 min. gear level.
To be continued. And thanks for responding so fast. Really appreciate your work.

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No worries - keep me updated.

So today I ran a key 13, Throne of Tides, probably a bit too high, but had the key in my bag. Again my item level is 440, Mythic rating 1003. Their average item level was at least 10-15 points higher than mine.
I feel I run according to your macros shown in the first post. With the "One button macro and the talents shown.
Here is a screenshot of the DPS gap.

Recount right below

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Hey elf hope your keeping well question how would I add a havoc mouseover target into the macro buddy lets say on a alt modifier or something and where would I put it

I’m just a middle-tech old guy. I’ve played WoW (and Diablo 2 and 3) for years but I am just now dipping my toes into using macros. I am now a L58 Destro Warlock and loving it (due to some physical disability it’s easier for me to play range characters than melee). Anyway, I have downloaded your AOE macro and will start using it today once Blizz is done messing with it’s weekly “update”. So thanks for what you are doing and I look forward to streamlining the game play.


The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via both the Wago and Curseforge app. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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If you have all of thes votes for the best macros, then wtf do none of them work? I can use anyone else macro, yet none of them work… it shouldn’t be this difficult to use: Such as:
Copy maco
Import macro
Drag maro icon onto a keybind
Pew Pew

what do you mean none of them work? How are they not working? Some more info would be very helpful if you are looking for help to get them working.

My apolgies, what happened what my fault, not yours… I had too many macro saved , but yes I got them to work :slight_smile: Ty for the quick response

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No worries happy to hear they are working! :smiley: