Elfyau's DF v1.4 Discipline Priest **Updated 7-June-24**

btw the talent line is from u.gg.com wowhead is so inconsistent when it comes to what talents to use and are the first to not be updated where as u.gg is done purely of data updated hourly its absolutely fantastic

@murphdh I won’t guarantee anything, but I will keep an eye on the website and consider it on my next Passover of the macro

no i completely understand that its being indorsed by alot of the big youtubers at the moment but yh its also seperated between raid and m+ so for example say you got the mw monk for example or actually even ret pala and its a one button macro instead of having a seperate 1 for aoe and st but the most optimal talents are different not as much the whole rotation but talents you could split the macro as a raid one button with optimal talents and a m+ one button etc if you know what i mean like but yh you already do fantastic work its just helping to min max the macros now outside of actual coding them

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The way he has it set up once you get used to it, it’s almost perfect! With our 4 set now, You’ll mostly be hitting renew for atonement or radiance, and will 90% of the time will use the dps macro. The heal macro is basically ur oh crap macro… Also, the dps macro, you use way less mana this way too. I use a modified version in PVP. For speed, I don’t use the spells, Divine Star, Prayer of Mending, It slows down burst healing when mainly, u just need Flash Heal and Penance when in a bind.

I’ve actually found that using less talent skills, and more passives shrink the macros so you can pump out healing or damage much faster, without wasting mana on spells that aren’t really doing much.

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ok thats awsome question what do you do for aoe situations for damage

hey elf carnt quite understand this one it starts of great but then after 1-2 rotations of the dps macro it kind of just stops lol for a good 15-30 seconds sometimes and ofcourse dmg is like super important to disc for its heals

disregard my last elf works awsome now

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Talent points seem to be out of date and wont load?

well hasnt been updated since April, so not surprised. your gonna have to either go to icy-veins or wowhead and get updated talents or put in the points from the picture in the OP.

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

any chance for it to be a 1 button macro?

That probably won’t happen. To many spells in either macro to try and mod.


I adjusted the heal macro with a
/click [mod:ctrl] DPS_MACRO_NAME

so I only have to spam 1 key via mouse and can do the dps macro while holding ctrl.

Is there a downside using it like this ? or is it better to bind keys to both macros.

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hey how did you guys resolve the issue with dps macro stopping

nm redownloaded the macro and its ok now

Some comments, ive been using in m+17s currently 440ilvl, the macro does well considering its a macro. I would add some tweaks to it like add Shadow Covenant on the dps macro at the start. Also I would add Shadow word Death. On the healing macro I never see it enter the block

/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] reset=combat Power Word: Life, Shadow Covenant, Halo

Not quite sure why… Its just flash heal, renew, penance etc…

With some small changes this macro could be amazing. I am currently making some changes and will upload. Im already getting a 15k dps increase by just a few tweaks. If anyone is interested let me know :slight_smile: Well done over all elfyau, love your macros man!


I would be very interested to try your changes and give some feedback.

I’d be intrested to see what you ended up with i’m currently trying out macros.

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I’m getting a error today with only this macro or char
Screenshot 2023-09-19 193349
I tryed some stuff but still keep getting a error

Anyone got a clue?

OK so a wow Lazy macro admin on the discord is telling me that the macro need to be Updated.
Hope you see a Update. was really liking this macro: :slight_smile: