Elfyau's DF v1.4 Frost Death Knight **Updated 31-May-24**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Death Knight macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

Frost Death Knights, grip the coming chill! A new macro frosts the air with the icy power of Howling Blast. Talents reshaped, rotations refined, it promises a symphony of Obliterate and Death Strike. But even the most hardened Death Knight craves guidance. Test it, channel the Runic power, and let your feedback echo through the halls of the Acherus Hold!





Usage Information

v1.4 Made @250ms
SHIFT:- For using Runic Power just on Death Strike
ALT:- Abomination Limb

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This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.69.

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Will give this a whirl later although i built my DK for Blood/Unholy ill give it a go with 2h and mastery overload xD
Also is this for level 70?

So i gave this a go this evening before i went off after the infamous level grinding of alts :slight_smile:
Macro itself, works fine, nothing wrong with it. Its smooth, doesn’t lock up or freeze and does what it is intended to do!

Frost DK though… So bad… Now bare in mind, I am a lvl 70 DK || 315 ilvl || 13% Crit || 4% Haste || 21% Mastery || 4% Vers… in no way shape or form am i using BiS, its mainly all NM dung gear or campign gear… Using 2h weapon aswell. I played Blood DK to level in Dungeons which was 1000x Spec than frost IMO.

With the extra Talent points I built down to unlock Abomination Limb on DK Tree and build down to Frostwyrms fury on Frost Tree, however insstead of taking FWFury I took the other talent that increases remorseless winters dmg the more it hits targets.

I Ran through Brackenhide hollow and sadly, most of the AoE dmg was from Abomination Limb. Maxing at around 24k dps with all the CD’s lining up. However averaging around 11-13k dps overall when things were on CD.

I do not thing this is a Macro issue, more the fact that Frost is in a Bad place AGAIN at the moment.

But to put into perspective… the dps metre was as follows…

  1. Level 64 Feral Druid… 23k dps… 15.9M total
  2. Level 62 Blood DK… 13.4k dps… 9.2M total
  3. Me, 12.5k dps… 8.6M total
  4. 60 Balance Dudu… 9.3k dps and 6.44M total (i think this guy was learning balance tbf, or was new to wow cos he wasnt casting at a consistant rate)
  5. Pres Evoker Healer… 6.6k dps and 4.5M total.

Obviouisly others will have different outcomes and i would love to see how this works for others.
Sadly, I won’t be picking frost again anytime soon.

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All his macros are initially made for level 60 and will work for leveling. Once he gets all the initial ones out for level 60 and has had some time to play and whatnot he will usually go back and optimize for max level.

In the meantime I usually just pick passives on the skill trees when I unlock skill points 60-70.


that’s what I’ve been doing too haha


My 1st reply has been updated with a review.
Hope it helps :smiley:

Patiently waiting for UH Macro :smiley:

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I love how easy it is to update this via curseforge and I can’t wait to see the next version. For now, I have just selected passives. Do you have any idea if/when you plan to update for level 70? Thanks for making this GSE profile, you do a great job, much better than I have been able to.

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Thanks!! :smiley: atm no solid ETA but hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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The Macro has been updated and can be found in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!



I have recently tried this very last update of your macro.

All i can say is a wonderful all - in - one Macro !



Hi at all, i play that macro and it works very good for me. When i look at bloodmalet and other pages the play Hast,Mastry,Crit on other macros the play crit,Mastry. What is the best one for my 2Hand DK?
I have 22 crit , 24 hast; and 48 Mastry. Looking for better gear but with is good on stats ?

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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Can I just check, the 4-piece set bonus is all about frostwyrm’s fury but this spec doesn’t have it. is that correct?

No, this build includes Frostwrym’s Fury

Ah, I see what’s happened. You never updated the build in the “talents” box in the macro itself!

I just double checked it has been updated in the macro and on the website (Infact, that is where I pull the code from (the macro) to paste on the website)

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WoW has a issue of some talent codes importing, sometimesthey are working and others getting the “out of Date”, even less than a day after a creator updates their macro and code. i have been a constat tattle tale to creators when this happens. and i get to watch them lose their minds to find out that Blizz (WoW) did that. LOL


whats the best stats for a frost dk these days please, or good amount of crit and mast,haste to aim for ?

i would go for crit>haste>mast>versa.

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no worries thanks, as ilvl 407 i cant get over 29k dps but my mast is 49% with crit at 21 and haste is only 8% as i used to go for mast but that sounds like i should try haste instead 2nd

Can someone help me, I do all the steps but when using the macros it only hits with basic attacks, do I have to do something else? or can you no longer use this class of macros?