Elfyau's DF v1.4 Mistweaver Monk **Updated 17-May-24**

It may need to be updated, hopefully I will get back to this one soon :slight_smile:

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mist is still going of for me but have a look just in case maybe i got something procking it and not the macro but elf you probably seen my last comment on another build where i pointed a couple things for updates so ill do the same here fistweaving is absolute king
so in that case stomp is king

  1. for m+ this really could be a absolute monster if we can either have spinning crane on a modifier because aoe really is stomp spk stomp spk spam legit zero else
    2.talents could do with a bit of a rework
  2. thinking about the spk thing maybe making a secondary macro like you do for disc priest could fix this ie first macro being purly dps focused each with a block instead of cast sequences with a spk modifier type thing and then a pure healing macro with like bubble ring etc on modifer
    again with there own blocks not cast sequences
  3. also this is in general but if you look at dannys prot paladin macro he also uses chat gpt 4 basically built the whole thing ground up and its stupid good and smooth he has a link in the messages to show how he got it to work etc it might be a good helping hand for you

The macro has been updated and can be found in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

Good stuff thanks, i use /castsequence reset=target/1 Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, Renewing Mist, Renewing Mists
for the which i believe you came up with a few xpacks ago :sunglasses: seems my use trinket keeps flicking out, i turned it off in the gse but still seems to do it !

is this meant to be played as fistweaving or regular mistweaver?

Should be able to do both but is more suited too fistweaving

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you can’t do that yet … cast … update pls

Cannot do what exactly? what needs updating?

sorry not sure what you are saying or asking. lol

I think after it uses your trinkets it will keep saying that so just uncheck those

problem cast mistweaver can you look ??

I took out Mana Tea from the macro since they changed how Mana Tea works now. Its channeled and it works fine again.

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can you show how change ??

Please update talents!

This might require another update, as it tends to get stuck and doesn’t perform nearly as well as your other macro shares. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing. I can use this as a template and create my own.

Elfyau will be indisposed for awhile. RL and his health has hit hard. please be patient for any updates or responses til he can. i will help as best i can when needed.

Is the upper Macrostring for dps the updated one?
And for heal macro, this mod alt @focus doesnt work for me, always self cast, and the mana tea wont go back to the heal sequence idk why

None of this macro has been updated since August last year - things have changed for the Mistweaver Monk, the new update will be out Friday my time.

Maybe the Marco didnt get Updates, but the Codes Are still the Same and changeing spells by myself. But i rly dont know how some works or what they mean to get a flawless working One ^^

the talent code and the macro is outdated right now. if you want a new talent code. just copy the code into Wowheads talent Calculator and get a new code. Macros will be updated here real soon probably.