Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.5 Outlaw Rogue Macro **Updated 08-Jul-22**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Rogue macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

A fun spec all around. I think this is going well but I would love some feedback! I have combined it into a straightforward one-button macro.

Run @250ms

TALENTS:- 2,1,2,1,1,2,2

ALT:- Kidney Shot


Usage Information

Run @250ms
When in Dungeons, Raids etc set @focus to tank for Tricks of the Trade
ALT for Kidney Shot

This macro is dedicated to my AWESOME Patreons/Buymeacoffee members <3
Wulfsine(@TorilEH), 徐鈞薔, Jakob, Michael, Donald, Robert Pipan, Michael Wendland, Brian Dickerson, bryan, Ken Westlund, eric ricker, Kal basra, Kristopher Bowling, Abram Vasquez, Nick Zellmer, Jeremy, chris bawden, Zsolt Boróczki, Fredrik Feros Haugli, Harry Bu, Ben Hocking, BrutalElder, mourad abrahim, Homebrew, Christopher Cabrera, Mark Robinson

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.74.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Remember, the more feedback I have, the more I may be able to improve the macros!

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Hello where do I put the night fae covenant ability Sepsis in the macro?

try putting it at the end of the main sequence

Talents posted here and talents posted in /gs are different.

@skjoldborg I don’t see how this is possible…

This is exported directly from gse.

I think I may just be retarded. Ignore me.

it’s all good, you never know I may have missed something.

Hey Elfyau how is it going? I hope you are doing better.

@james-harris to be honest m8 at the moment mate I feel like death warmed up, but I am sure I will be feeling better over the next few days. Thanks for asking!! :slight_smile:

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Best macros mate, get well soon.

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Just tested it on my lvl 50 rogue and it keeps locking up an saying a more powerful spell is active.

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@Agrolicious Thank you! I am getting there slowly. :slight_smile: @theory I’ll have another look at this soon but I am not getting that error. But will have a look anyway. Let me know if it continues.

I think the macro is trying to cast Slice and Dice but you dont have as many combo points as last time it used it

Updated the macro :slight_smile: New macro is in the original post. Cheers :smiley:


Yo Elfy, tested this out yesterday and it seems to freeze when it switches target? or after 1 rotation.
Don’t know if its something with the macro or if rogues just play like that because im new to rogue too lol.

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that was last august ! long time since he has played ; )

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There is a new one coming out soon! :slight_smile: hopefully, that will be fixed


Nice! Also not sure if its a problem with GSE, but using @CURSOR commands is just casting them @player for some reason.

Binding shot under my feet was not fun the other day xD

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@Evoriyah there is something going on with that stuff atm, I believe there is a thread somewhere about that. Do you use Elvui?

click this link

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