Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.7 Balance Druid Macro **Updated 01-Sep-22**

Which one of the 3 macros are you using?

one right at the top, where we hover over and it says copy.

not the St one at the bottom. i will now try the ST one at the bottom.

if you are using the one at the top you need to HOLD shift down to get any of the AOE

Hey, I’m new to boomkin and have been learning the rotation. I’m seeing a lot of macros where they don’t seem to manage the eclipse states?? Is there a way to have 1 macro that you fire when in solar state and another macro for lunar?

At the moment all the macros I’ve tried fire starsurge as often as possible, but from what I’ve read it’s better to pool as much ap as possible for the next eclipse and fire out 3 starsurges at the beginning?

To be honest, I am not sure, I haven’t really looked too deep into this as I have a lot to learn about all the classes, as you may know, I make a macro for every spec. But at a guess, if it is possible it would be a separate macro that you would use as an opener then switch to your standard macro.

hey @Michael_Smith, I have made a macro like this for another user. I have also made (I think in the same macro) a macro that shoots two starsurges at the beginning then saves the rest of the AP for the next Lunar cycle.

Check here
And here
for 3 sets of macros i have made, maybe you can get some things out of them and possibly make yourself a new one if these arent what you are looking for.

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Thanks! I’ll try them out tonight and see how i get on. I sound really lazy here but I prefer to just scroll a wheel up or down with a few cool downs binded to some buttons. I know boom kin is fairly straight forward I.e dots, then depending on which eclipse spam the corresponding builder and pool your AP for star surges at the next eclipse…but…I prefer to spend more time watching the mechanics of fights etc then be laser focused on making sure my spells are cast at the right time lol


is there an Update for the new patch

I will be working on the Druid macros as soon as I get the Rogue ones out. :slight_smile:

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Awsome :slight_smile: i love your macros i Main DK and the UH is Awsome :slight_smile: and i think the Druid is gonna kick ass

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Updated the macro. The new macro is in the original post! Cheers :+1:


what Button is set for the AoE ? i mean it only shoot sunfire but not Moonfire cant figure out what butten i shult press for the Starfall at cursor :slight_smile: maybe its yust me :slight_smile: i did get the addon on cures forged :slight_smile: i relly Love your marco’s helped me a ALOT :slight_smile:

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If you are using the OB version (One Button) then you need to hold SHIFT while spamming the macro :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to try this updated macro out. You’ve got quality products all over this site. :smiley:

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@Drake Thank you I hope they work well for you! :+1:

Gonna give this a whirl now!
okay this is actually really good, I’m only level 51 but dont seem useless in dg’s…

Question: do you not cast both DOT spells? (Sun&Moon)
to get the so called “Eclipse phase” ?

I’m not a balance main by any means and so reading about this elsewhere makes me question?

@NoobSlayer I don’t believe so, but now that you have asked, it has me wondering lol I am going to check now lol thank you :slight_smile:

I was watching some videos & reading icy veins and in ST and AoE they say to cast both DOT spells to enter “eclipse” phase or something like that.

I mean the macro works brilliantly anyway so don’t panic or anything!
Just thought I’d ask :sunglasses:

I think I may have misread/misunderstood, you go Moon for Single to boost the abilities & Sun for AoE to boost the abilities for this purpose also.
I play Hunter Mainly and that’s easy to understand :rofl: this is new to me

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You actually want Both DOTS (moonfire and Sunfire) on your target. They are right when they say to get into Eclipse as fast as you can as thats where you do your damage.

In Lunar Eclipse you Spam Starfire until you change to Solar Eclipse. In Solar Eclipse you Spam Wrath until you change back to Lunar Eclipse. Don’t let your DOTS fall off (both of them). Starsurge on single target when you have enough Astral Power and Starfall on 2 or more targets.

To start the Fight:
Start out with 2 Wraths to enter Lunar Eclipse. The reason you start with Wrath is it has a much faster cast time than Starfire and will get you into Lunar Eclipse faster than if you were to cast 2 Starfires to enter Solar Eclipse.


Aha! see i knew id read or heard you need both dots!
IM guessing then it doesn’t make too much diff if youre doing ST or AOE in that sense then? As long as you’re spamming the right spells at the right time?

I’m guessing you’re a druid main? or play it alot?

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