Elfyau's (GSE 3) 9.2.7 Brewmaster Monk Macro **Updated 07-Sep-22**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Monk macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

Tried and true tank and spank spec. This is humming along nicely I think, let me know what you think!

Made @250ms

TALENTS:- 2,?,1,3,2,2,1

ALT:- @cursor Ring of Peace
SHIFT:- Fortifying Brew


Usage Information

Made @250ms
SHIFT for Fortifying Brew
ALT @cursor for Ring of Peace

This macro is dedicated to my AWESOME Patreons <3
Donald, Robert Pipan, Michael Wendland, Brian Dickerson, bryan, Ken Westlund, eric ricker, Kal basra, Kristopher Bowling, Abram Vasquez, Nick Zellmer, Jeremy, chris bawden, Zsolt Boróczki, Fredrik Feros Haugli, Harry Bu, Ben Hocking, BrutalElder, mourad abrahim, Homebrew, Christopher Cabrera, Mark Robinson, Eoy, Fatality, Volker Brendecke, Liam, Alan Wilmouth, Randy Barton, SoulReaverZ, Toril Harink, Belfylicious, Johan Lindqvist, Ahmed M

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.05.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Remember, the more feedback I have, the more I may be able to improve the macros!

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lol, was watching him test this on his Twitch stream, looked great on his screen. gonna love trying it myself.


@Siodar lol thank you!!

Elfy thus Macro works Like a Charm. A nobrainer, even in mythic+. Such a great Work. Thank you very much.

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I agree. Aweesome Brematser Macro. Been doing Heroics with no problems. Gonna try some Mythic Pluses today.

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Went up to a 3 and did it no problem. Gonna try some harder ones later on. Basically everything is one macro except ring of peace and weapons of order. I am VERY curious to see how high I can take this macro.

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Sweet :slight_smile: let me know how you go :slight_smile: Cheers!

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Did a +6 no problems. Gonna try a +9 later

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Awesome!! keep it going! Any feedback is appreciated

Safe to say this macro is great. Did a 12 and missed the time by 7 minutes. This was due to us wiping on Mists boss 2 times, but not tanking related. (people getting frozen during freeze tag and people getting hit by Balls).

Only thing I changed was I took leg sweep out of the macro and fire it manually as Leg sweep is great for slowing down mob damage as well as a second interrupt.

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Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! Keep up the great dungeon work :smiley:

Thanks bro . its best keep going waiting your macros all classes :slight_smile: and specs :stuck_out_tongue:

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I promise I am working on it!! :smiley:

hahahahah im sure you will :slight_smile:

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Been testing this macro on my 220 brew and i quite like it. I will test this some more in higher content and give feedback. But first impression is good. I replaced leg sweep with WoO since i dont run the sweep conduit.

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Hey Elfyau, glad you’re still kicking, speaking of I am really enjoying this setup, I’m trying to adapt it for Kyrian at the moment but once I took the Healing Elixir out of the list and started using it when I want to I haven’t died yet, so I’ll probably start using this since my last Brew macro just started locking up, not sure if it’s my pc not being able to run current content at a high enough framerate, but no matter, thank you, I have put in hundreds of hours in the past month using just your macros on several toons without even thinking about it.

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Thank you for the kind words. I am still getting better from my last bout in hospital, once I am feeling 80-100% I will be starting to go over the macros and fine-tuning them. This macro will probably be the first one. So keep this one (change the name or something). Then let me know how the next one compares!

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I would say to get 100% 1st because no macro is worth more then your life

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Updated macro, new macro in the original post. Cheers!! :slight_smile:

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So in the event that I’m not taking any damage at all from the mobs that I’m fighting, the macro can lock up pretty bad on Purifying Brew, do I need to stagger my use of spamming the macro and turn it on and off every few seconds or do you tend to leave it running? I’ve watched your stream before but it’s always really hard to tell what someone is doing without seeing their hands.