Elfy's One Button WW Macro - Looking for Testers UPDATED

Hi, made this macro for a friend btu it’s need testing for those actually spec’d for WindWalker… So please test let me know the results and please by all means make any suggestions Thnx!! ???

UPDATED 15/5/2018 - Fists Of Fury now channels all the way through, Spinning Crane kick doesn’t go off all the time. Thanks for the feedback!! looking forward to more! :smiley:

Sequences['OwwMonk'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.08.
  Talents = "2,2,2,3,1,1,3",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/targetenemy [noexists][dead]",
        "/cast [@mouseover, mod:Alt] Effuse",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Tiger Palm",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Touch of Karma, Touch of Death",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Fists of Fury, Spinning Crane Kick",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Whirling Dragon Punch",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Strike of the Windlord",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Rising Sun Kick",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Fists of Fury, Spinning Crane Kick",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Storm, Earth, and Fire",
        "/cast [no channeling] Rushing Jade Wind",
        "/cast [nochanneling] Leg Sweep",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Fists of Fury, Spinning Crane Kick",

PVP is this you? Or PVE?

PVE m8 though probably could be used for PVP I honestly haven’t tried it.

PVE words “/ cast LegSweep”, what the hell is this?

“/targetenemy [noexists][dead]”,
“/cast [@mouseover, mod:Alt] Effuse”,
“/cast Energizing Elixir”,
You didn’t point out that skill, Energizing Elixir.

Touch of Karma better be released manually.

First up ty for the feedback @Hacker I totally missed the Energizing Elixir I must of left that there from one of my trials… And while you are right about Legsweep and Touch of Karma I just want to point out that A) I did advertise this as a ONE button macro, laziness at it’s finest! B) The friend I have made this for has a disability and I was trying to make the class as easy as possible.

Would love to know if you have tried it and what kind of DPS it put out if you have. I also updated the macro and removed Energizing Elixir :slight_smile:

Hey, I really love it! doing some amazing DPS with it.

Great!! what kind of DPS? and what ilvl leggo’s do you have?

Sorry, I don’t know
But I want to say you this talent is wrong Talents = “2,2,2,3,1,1,3”,

Is it should be Talents = “2,2,2,3,1,1,2”,

Because I don’t see your macro level 100 third talent

For me he is not a very good macro DPS damage is not high

The last Talent will fire when the original spell is cast sooo basically if you choose a different talent on the last line the original spell would fire otherwise Serenty will go off when Storm, Earth, and Fire is used

DPS is decent however FoF doesn’t appear to complete unless you manually check for it in the rotation and stop spamming until it finishes.

Is there some sort of addition that can be added to allow the channel to finish?

My monk is a fresh 110 with only 1 leggo so the amount of dps is probably not worth mentioning until I unlock 2nd leggo.

Apart from the FoF thing, it seems to function well.

Much appreciated.

@Muaziz ty for the feedback!! I have fixed fists of fury and also slowed down the Spinning Crane Kick (the original post has been updated with the adjusted macro) You should now see alot more DPS on both Single and AOE targets :smiley: let me know how it goes!!

I’ve been out with this macro now, and so far it is quite good for a non 110 toon, it works well and so far I havent had it hang in places, and if more mobs jump me it seems to cope quite nicely with the added extra :slight_smile: