EMP's Mindbender NF /w Shadowflame Prism (9.2) 03/06/22

First post here. I am the shadow priest Empress.

This is a NF MB build. I bind Vampiric Touch on mouse up, a self-cast Power Word: Shield macro on middle mouse button for movement emergencies, and this GSE spam macro on mousewheel down. Use your phantom fire potions at boss pull except on sludge where I save it for pillar.

Thanks to everyone else that has posted priest macros because I learned a lot from them. I copied the VT variable from one but I don’t use it because it can be confusing for people new to looking at these macros. Also the searing nightmare thing works really well if you use that but I don’t. I put it in this one just incase. I use the “negative” sign icon for this button to remind me it’s used to delete boss health.

For a couple of bosses or even M+ you may want to splash in either searing nightmare or shadow crash talents for example Sun King or Phase 1 sire progression or heavy AOE dungeons which is basically all of them except TOP and SOA.

NEW USERS: Copy the string below. Import it into your GSE addon. Click create icon. Open macro menu. Edit icon to your liking and drag it to your bar where you want it and bind that button to mousewheel down. Roll your mousewheel. Win.

Please test and comment on this macro. Thanks!

Edit 4/27/21: Utility like Vampiric Embrace, Power Infusion, and Psychic Horror have been put back in the macro for extra laziness, but also as NF at renown 30 you can take Niya’s Tools: Poison and I think the psychic horror will proc it. Also for most runs I am using a /cast [@cursor] Shadow Crash macro on the 1 button on my keyboard but will still use auspicious spirits for certain single target heavy and some cleave fights.

Edit 03/06/22: Updated. Removed Greater Fade, Vampiric Embrace, and Psychic Horror from the macro. Put Searing Nightmare in just in-case you take that over Misery for heavy AOE fights with weak adds. Vampiric Touch is still used separately to avoid recasting. Mind Flay will be cancelled by your spells such as Mind Blast so you don’t miss a proc.


Hi Empress,
the macro works great so far! The only thing I’ve done it to take out major CDs.

Just the question of how fast are you using the macro? Tried to got for 70ms but it seems like it’s skipping things.

Kind regards

I think I have it at 200ms. I only noticed skipping when I had a on-use trinket equipped with the use option enabled in GSE, but I have since gotten better trinkets which are not on-use and it seems to work fine for me now. Also the more haste you have the better it seems to perform. Taking out vampiric embrace and psychic horror is probably a good idea. I still have PI in it however.

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Macro updated for 9.2 on 3/6/22. See OP for notes.

guildies have requested i remove PI from the macro. you can do that manually if you want to micro-manage it yourself.