Enhance 6.1 ST and AoE GS or Bar Swap

Has anyone done some testing in current patch? My st in most fights has me ranked 60 to 80 percentile so no big guy there but aoe can’t seem to get past like 10 to 20 percentile. Like to see if people out there have a set of St and aoe gs macros that are working well ranking wise. Would consider a bar switch if they are working better. My hands can’t handle all the button smashing these days so macros have been only thing keeping me raiding but have to at least keep up and doing somewhat decent.

Also I can manage cds and totems so just looking for one that maximizes rotation DPS at least to the best potential u can get from a macro.

You can try this set of macros. They use the /swapactionbar method to get the ‘one-button effect’; they don’t lock up and they manage things quite well.

NOTE: The ALT and CTRL key mods take a bit of getting used to; but other than that, it’s just the initial setup and then you`re ready to go!

Cheers! :slight_smile: