Enhance Open Rotation Gnome

So I have been pondering a opening macro to give max dps burst at the beginning . I was analyzing what is said to be the best opener and was wondering is there a way to turn it into a macro and get close to the same dps?

Here is the opening rotation that is suggested from profesional shamans

2 macros

EM+ FeT+ trinket(if you have an on use)

From countdown

3s: Spiritwalk
2s: Wolves(macro)
1s: Unleash Elements(should be running toward the boss)
Pull: EM+FeT(macro)

upon reaching the boss

Stormstrike(for stromstrike debuff on target)
Lava Lash
Lightning Bolt(if you have 4+stacks)
Unleash Elements
Flame Shock
Lightning Bolt(4+stacks)
Liquid Magma(if spec’d into it)

I know LB would be self casted but what about the rest?