Enhancement Shaman N00B here... Please help, and be gentle...

Hello community, I am a 10yr veteran of WoW. I never rolled a Shaman till late in MOP. I have a 90 Orc Shaman, and I have no reservations in saying I suck at that class. I have seen the Gnome Addon and I have to admit that i am not at all a fan of it.

I was hoping that someone or anyone for that matter may have some pointers on what i am doing wrong. I have copied and pasted the macros that do not use GS and or bar swaps and I am not kidding when I admit that I cannot break 500-DPS on a Practice dummy.

I have seen Shaman do amazing heals and Since I have a few rogues, and a couple monks I thought that Enhance would be rather natural to me… NOPE!

Please throw any advice you have time and energy for. I appreciate it. I have read forums, I have looked at builds and compared everything… I cannot get above 300 damage… That is pathetic. I know I have to be missing something!

My Shaman is: Totemlypwnd on Turalyon realm. Any and all actual help is truly appreciated!

Hey Dep , what spec are you playing or want to ?? ele–resto–enhan ?
I to was the same, i know it can be frustrating, im assuming you know resto ain’t going to be pumping out the deeps ?? shams are doing great heals at the moment ! Unfortunately there can be numerous things you could be doing wrong…if your low geared pracing on a lvl 100 dummy, yes you will do shizz all deeps…

Find out what you want this sham to actually do, and focus on that, try not to chase all 3 specs yet and run ALL the dungeons to get semi geared out…it took me a good few months to work what i really wanted out of my sham and WOD…
…couple of rogues and a few monks??

Find out what spec you want to do ele resto enh
Macros aint going to save the day, they are just extras…
i dunno how you could have played all the way up to 90 and still suck, 90 lvl should have giving you a run down on the shams…there are plenty of helpful you-tube gurus out there and awesome help on these forums as well…good luck !!

Also 10 year veteran is hardly a noob…you should know better and how did you manage on all your other toons??, surly you could apply some of the same principles to your shams to get the best out of him. (or her)

Hey Jigz,

Thank you for all points offered first and foremost!

I am a Shammy N00B, 10yr veteran yes, Rogues, I am good. DK. I am really good. My Bear Tank I am Very proud of! However, Shamans were a class that scared me from Day one!

I have tried and deleted countless Shaman over the years. I sadly do rely on macros on my other classes. I am to this day 80% of the time a keyboard turner, on the rare times I do PvP.

As far as your questions, yes I am still a crappy geared 90 on my Shaman. I will also openly admit that with 14x level 90 toons, I used my character boost to boost my Shaman. Everyone told me that leveling a shaman is painful. I can attest to that! The highest I ever got was 60. That was in Cata… They said that max level they are great fun.

I have seen Shammy heals rape face in raids. I have seen Ele and Enhance Shammy’s rape face in PvP…

I am not looking to top the charts every time, but being up there now and again is a nice feeling.

I will be hitting YouTube when I have the chance. I love the new character models Blizz has made for the Orcs especially. So, I would like to sincerely give this guy a whirl!

My Shaman is on Turalyon realm, his name is: Totemlypwnd. Sadly, the name fits me. Every time I am on that toon, I am getting totemlypwnd!

Oh, what I did not answer… SORRY!

I want to PVE with him in Enhancement. As I mentioned, having a Monk, a couple Druids, and a few Rogues… I felt Enhancement would be the best route to take, being that they are Agi dependent.

Again, TY for the input and I will hope I can correct whatever it is I am missing with this toon!

Here’s a link to a couple of swap bar macro sets: https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/enhancement-one-button-magic-swap-bar-macro/