Error loading Monk macros, Monk only

Hello. I’m having trouble loading macros or creating new macros for Monk. This only occurs in Monk, in other classes it works.
Do you know when you are going to create a macro and do not realize that it is in combat? You create or change, try to save but it doesn’t happen because you’re in combat. This happened with me.

I have already disabled all the addons I have leaving only GSE. I tried to create a macro, I tried to modify an existing one and nothing.
The window shows that the file has been saved, but when I see it, nothing happened. I have no idea what it could be, because it happens only at Monk.

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Thank TimothyLuke and sorry for the duplicate post.

1- I’m not in combat. I went to SW in a resting place, it didn’t help. I logged out, disabled all other addons and even then it doesn’t work, I wasn’t in combat.

2- Yes. I can save it on any other character. Only in Monk does this happen. Brewing Monk.

And the macro is not imported. I try to create a new one or modify one that already worked and nothing.
Version 9.0.2

I’ll try the steps you gave me

wow man … you are the man.
it worked with / gse forceclean it cleared everything and loaded the macros and now it works.
My thanks