Evoker dps macro

Hi all,

Can anyone advice on how to write a dps macro for the evoker please?
I tried
#showtooltip Azure Strike
/cast Azure Strike
/cast Disintegrate
/cast Pyre
/cast Living Flame
but it just keeps casting azure strike,

Hello there.

Are you using latest version of GSE addon?

If so, you need to put ever ability on a separate block, and from there you can start to tweak.


PS: OR or check the new ingame ( nor GSE addon ) channeled ability ( you can hold and release or tap and release )

Hi there

There are no addons allowed atm, so i just have to write one myself and dont have a clue, as the example i showed :stuck_out_tongue:

GSE works in Dragonflight and Addkns are allowed however they need to be almost completely rewritten for DF. There is a preview available for GSE patrons.

In answer to your question normal WoW macros are limited to ONE GCD ability via cast or a single castsequence line. You can’t mix and match. Everything else in it is ignored

So from your example it sees the Azure Strike - that’s a GCD ability and will ignore every GCD ability after it.

Hi Timothy
Thank you for your reply. may i ask how you get the addons in DF beta as it is not on the menu when i press escape.
I will also become a patron :slight_smile:


oh didn realise i am already a patron :slight_smile:

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/cast [nochanneling] Azure Strike
/cast [nochanneling] Disintegrate
/cast [nochanneling] Pyre
/cast [nochanneling] Living Flame