Execution of a macro in a bar slot

This is a question for the GSE author:

I have a macro in my bar slot with two casts:
/cast abc
/cast xyz

If I manually hit the key, both casts execute, so, is there a way for GSE to execute not just the “/cast” individually if I have it in a GSE macro but but as a group as if I hit that button myself?

In other words, is there a way perhaps to specify a bar slot number to “/use” as we do with trinkets.


I’m not Timothy Luke, but I understand a good bit about he addon and macros in general. I am not 100% I follow the question, but if you are asking if a macro can click a button on a bar then the answer is yes.
simple type:

/click <name of the button exactly as it is spelled(upper and lower case sensitive)>

you can get the exact name of a button by typing:
in game, to reverse the now annoying everything highlights when I hover over it just type/fstack again

example: I use Bartender 4 so if I wanted to click my bartender bar 1 button 1 button I would type
/click BT4Button1

Thanks for the reply,

ActionBar page 6 (Bottom Left ActionBar): slots 61 to 72 ------ F keys

darkonius, that it!!!

Si in the the above case its:
/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton5

Works like a charm, tried it on the chat command window and it fired off, will try it in GSE and see if it works (I would think it would)

Thanks so much!!


Well, it works in GSE but unfortunately it does not do what I expected, but that’s because the macro I had “on that button” had two casts and each had a GCD, so only one gets executed.

Bummer, I was hoping that it would work but even manually hitting the button only executes one cast.
If you have macros that only have one GCD “cast” in them this does work no matter how many other casts you have in that macro (as long as they are not on GCD).
So as neat as it is, its back to doing individual “casts” or “castsequence” in GSE .


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More testing and I have the click working for one of my Macros (that has 1 cast with a GCD and a second cast that is off GCD) and that works using the /click MultiBarBottomLeftButtonX

But thinking about all this, I seem to remember the GSE author saying that you could use then /click ability using the Macros name. I tried that and it does not work, anyone know anything about that?

My Macros name is Hav and its on the F4 key (which is MultiBarBottomLeftButton4)

/click [mod:ctrl] MultiBarBottomLeftButton4 ---- works
/click [mod:ctrl] Hav — does not work


@pete-misc /click does indeed work (I use it all the time) . The macro name much match exactly (spelling and Case). double check that you have it exactly right. if that fails maybe try renaming the Macro and try again? I can’t honestly say that I know for sure if the ingame macro editor changes the name of the macro to all upper case or not. I forget and I cannot test right now, but I do know that GSE does change the name to all upper case. so in your situation Hav becomes HAV. you might try that.

Only just saw this.

WoW has a limit on GCD actions. The GCD is a globalCool down that is effect after you use an ability. It’s first come first server no matter how it’s called. The first one locks out all other GCD actions till it’s finished.