External GSE macro viewer

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything about this.

What is the chance of getting a utility that would accept a coded macro string and display the macro, e.g. similar to the Raw Edit in GSE would probably be acceptable. It would allow multiple macros to be displayed at once, although I guess you could copy them to an editor.

This would allow quick looks at macros you are considering installing, allow you to find parts of macros you want to merge, etc. without having to install in game or have to switch through the limited capability in game.



I don’t have 6 months to spend writing a lua to JavaScript converter and then another 3 months writing a plug-in to something like this and then maintaining both and then dealing with the “why hasn’t this imported or exported the same” stuff. Maintaining just that alone would require the same amount of work as maintaining the mod.

I put it back on the author of the post to write better information.

It should also be noted that this is not my website. I am a user here who has written a mod. I am not the owner of this site, nor do I want to do anything to take people from here. If I was to do something like you are asking it would be potentially in competition to this site and not necessarily part of it. This is for me an ethical line. While there are other GSE communities I don’t promote one at the expense of another. Nor do I take from them to build my own community.

Woah… hope you are more relaxed after the weekend.

I wasn’t expecting anything that would take any serious effort. Back in the WoD and Legion days, GSE macros were exchanged as unencoded text files so all logic was in the open and you could see changes as they were made.

At some point they were encoded. Since I don’t know how they were encoded or if they even were usable when decoded, I just asking a question to see if there was a simple to make the macro content available.

Sorry to get you all wound up.

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