Falc's Dev Raid ST/AOE - 10.2.5 - 02-Feb-24

I only started playing evoker and didn’t realise how hard it was to macro the empower skills! Thanks to all of the other macros for showing me how.

At ilvl 440 and only the 2-set bonus this script is smooth with no downtime on any of the skills and does well on trash. It does cap in essence is some situations like hero which I’ve dealt with by putting in mods to burn essence.

The empower mechanics require press & tap using the repeat block to trigger the tap at later point.



Dev Raid ST Macro:


Usage Information

Alt: Disintegrate - use for burning excess essence
Shift: AOE or when moving
Ctrl: Deep Breath - for that perfect lineup of mobs.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54.

Let me know if you have any questions and appreciate any feedback.

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Talents not working

but nice macro 120 to 140k

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Hey ho many MS are you using?

This… Definitely not working right now lol.

Hi ,

Yes! the talents were cut-off. I’ve also disabled the initial pause at the start of the script.

I run my scripts at 150ms. I’ve also set the click rate in GSE to 150ms aswell.

Let me know if that fixed it.

Cannot seem to get the shift to work. What could be blocking it? I run Elvui and I cannot seem to find anything thats using Shift.

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sorry am new what do u mean MS >?

You have to go to the Search in ElvUI Options, then search for “Pick Up Action Key” and you will be brought to the ActionBar section, General Tab. It will be missing for most people, unless you Lock Your ActionBar’s in that General tab, then it will be there. If you see it before having to lock it, it’s already locked. Hope this helps someone in the future.

This is by far the best script for DPS, even in 10.2.6. Good job. I get like 180-200k consistently at 484.31ilvl. TY!

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Someone asked, deleted the comment for some reason… I am running at 50ms. I do use AutoHotKey v1.1.37.02 as well.

I also run an “oh s**t” macro when things go south…

/use Healthstone
/use Dreamwalker's Healing Potion
/cast Obsidian Scales(Black)
/cast Hover
/cast Emerald Blossom(Green)
/cast Verdant Embrace(Green)
/cast Expunge(Green)
/cast Renewing Blaze(Red)
/cast Zephyr

Dont now why but i have 30dps less to the sim dps