Feign Death freezing macro

Anyone figured out a good one for classic yet?

I am assuming you are wanting a macro where to can drop a freezing trap and feign death. Sorry but Classic’s Mechanics will not allow this type of macro. In classic you can not drops traps while in combat, and you have to already be standing in order to activated a trap. So while you can drop out of combat and agro by feigning death, you have to stand back up before you can drop a trap. Then unless the mob(s) move out of agro range, as soon as you stand up, you will wind back in combat before you can drop a trap.

Now that said I have two versions of an old macro that I haven’t tried yet that may help.

Play Dead;

/castsequence reset=30 Disengage, Dismiss Pet, Feign Death

Play Dead;

/castsequence reset=30 Disengage, Feign Death

Hopefully the distance gained by the disengage will put you out of agro range when you stand back up after feigning death.

Thanks for your reply i have managed to get one working through gse seem to work well when i just had a duel with someone but will carry on testing it before i post.

Dismiss pet… is that a mistake you just going to spend 10 seconds dismissing pet right?

Most of the time the disengage was enough for my pet to grab agro, to where I had time to dismiss it, before Feigning Death. For the most part, other then to get out of AoE range the really no point of combining both Disengage and Feign Death. I used it so I could dismiss my pet before Feigning Death.

The main reason for that, was the old timer on Feign Death, was fairly short, and you automatically stood up when the time was up. A lot of the time you would stand up just as your pet died. When that happened guess who the mobs went after then? My health was usually a bit low, or I wouldn’t have Feigned Death in the First place.

There was a blue post where Feign was not working as expected in Classic. This will be a bit easier after the hotfix. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/feign-death-trap-bug/278131/381

I made a GSE macro, will import it for you. The problem was that blizz had spell batching at 50ms, and 2 weeks ago changed back to vanilla 200ms, that is the window you have to do these 3 actions.

/cast Freezing trap
/Pet Passive
/Cast Feign Death
/Cast Freezing trap
/pet follow

Spam it as fast as you can, AHK, maybe 20ms? im not sure, ill test it. Also you cant be moving.