Fer whom the Belltolls; GS PvP Assassin macro

I developed a 1 key main attack macro is meant to burst quickly. And it can be used in PvE as well. Just swap out (cheat death) for (leeching poison) to PvE.

First, always have your CC as kick and Kidney Shot on separated key(s). Many misuse CC and/or put it in the macro where its wasted and not available when you need it.

Poisons: Wounding for 20% less healing they can do, and Cripple for a 50% slow and often makes them trinket burn. I hope some of you can try it.


Sequences['Belltolls'] = {
author="Rod Stenberg -- Belltolls@Garrash",
helpTxt = 'Talents: 3113331',
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast [noform:1, nocombat] Stealth
/cast [form:1, harm] Shadowstep
/cast [combat, harm] Vendetta
/cast [form:1, harm] Cheap Shot
'/cast [combat] Garrote',
'/cast [combat] Mutilate',
'/castsequence [nochanneling] Mutilate, Mutilate, Rupture, Garrote, Hemorrhage',
'/cast [combat] Kingsbane',
'/cast [combat] Exsanguinate',
'/cast [combat] Mutilate',
'/castsequence [nochanneling] Mutilate, Mutilate, Envenom, Exsanguinate, Hemorrhage',
'/cast [combat] Mutilate',
'/castsequence [nochanneling] Mutilate, Mutilate, Envenom, Garrote',
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

So far, the best one Assasin macro m8, good job

All the skills fire off and in propper order and asap. I like the fact that you left CC out, works great
I use MfD as the last skill tho in order to start Internal Bleeding right after garrote and again for a new CC and IB while in combat for more control and an eksta dot without worry…thx for your hard work

doesnt work at all for me. what is yout repeater set to.

Cause neither in pvp or dummy’s this is firing everything and locks up a lot.

tried 0.010 wich dc’s me up to 0.050 and it doesnt work properly, what am i doing wrong.