Feral Affinity

Anyone have a resto - Feral affinity castsequence or lazymacro?

I have never played feral affinity, what do I need to be mindful of?

I have tried balance affinity, but the damage seems pretty much the same as I can
pull off in resto just spamming moonfire, sunfire, and solar wrath, e.g. no big gain.

played around with it some, and it seems that feral affinity also isn’t as “great” of a dps boost as I would have thought.

I will just stick with guardian affinity and spamming moonfire and sunfires, with solar wrath’s when time allows. Seems to actually be more or less the same dmg output, plus you got more survivability. =)

it seems like the feral/balance affinities are more for looks, than actual dps output.


I didn’t actually swap all my gear around, to try to make feral affinity work. I could have tried that, but I wanted to maintain my maximum healing output. Thus, my results, that it’s just better to spam moon-, sunfires, and solar wraths. I got a good 15-20% more dmg over using feral/balance affinities.

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