Feral Cat (Command Fixes)

Hi Guys,

Long time lurker and first time poster.

Let me preface with; – Im by no means a advanced macro writer or programmer. –

Im sure this wont be news to some of you and sorry if this has already been discussed, but i went down a rabbit hole of why i couldnt get Feral Charge (Cat Form) and Mangle (Cat Form) to cast with GSE.

Not sure if this problem will be resolved or updated with GSE or its a Blizzard UI Spell Issue.

In Any Case, I found a workaround after some deep diving.

Turns out that making Blizzard UI Macros containing the spells will work just fine, however if you want to call them into your GSE macro this doesnt seem to work.

The only thing you can do (that ive found) is this command;

/click ActionButton1

(You can use any actionable button on your bar as long as its written in this way, i use 4+5).

The rest of the job is to Create your feral macros and apply them to the relevant buttons:

/castsequence Mangle(Cat Form)

/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)


Again, Sorry if this isnt news. I was frustrated not being able to use the moves.

Hope this helps some people.

Thanks again.


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cut you post the gse macro for this.

Great tip!

One thing with the Blizzard macro do you need to use /castsequence Mangle(Cat Form) or should it be /cast Mangle(Cat Form)?

Thanks for the /click advice.

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I really want to learn cat dps, thank you very much.

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This was a typo on my part but both will work from my knowledge.

I would suggest trying it each way, I think i wrote it as a sequence as i was intending to add other stuff to the command (just a force of habit).

Either should work fine.

Let me know if you have any issues.

My macros are written in a really specific way that i still use a bunch of hotkeys for damage procs and aoe ect.

I could try to write a one button macro or i will shortly try to upload and explain how my macro works.

I dont have much time right now tho as i am maining warlock for my guild runs.

I will keep it in mind tho and get back to it at some point.

Im hoping that when people figure out how to use this effectivley the Feral Cat GSE macros will become more frequent.

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and where can i find the macro? there is none here!

There wasnt a macro. If you read this post this was to help people deal with the Issue of not being able to macro certain moves while using GSE.

You will need to wait for someone to make a macro.