Feral lvl 100 Stepfunction

All the buffs bleeds stay up no fall off . I do 17.7k steady in crap 605 gear.


Savage Roar,Cat form,ferocious bite

IF interested the below is why i write macros in this form and i hope it helps other macro writers get more from their macros
i thank semlar the maker of Gnomesequencer for his clarification

Why Stepfunction? Allows me to have control over what goes off where in my rotation.

Why no castsequence? Castsequence in gs is a command within another command . for example

/cast spell1
/castsequence reset=combat spell2,spell3
/cast spell 4

In this example, the first press will cast spell1, the second press will cast spell2, and the third press will cast spell3.

The fourth press will cast spell1 again, and the fifth press will cast spell5, but only if you haven’t entered or left combat since you cast spell2. Otherwise it will cast spell2 again.

It’s important to note that if you have 2 identical /castsequence lines, they’ll be treated as the same /castsequence macro.
‘/castsequence spell1, spell2’,
‘/castsequence spell1, spell2’,
This example will cast spell1 on the first press and spell2 on the second press. It behaves exactly the same way as having only one “/castsequence” line.

This also means that castsequence won’t advance to spell2 while spell1 is on cooldown.

Using time as a reset condition is almost pointless since most people seem to just mash the button which resets the timer every time it gets to the castsequence macro.

You’d have to avoid pressing the button until the timer runs out for it to reset.

Sequences["ftt1"] = {
StepFunction = [[
stepa = "5122643"

limit = string.len(stepa) or 1
if stepc == nil then
stepc = 1
if stepc >= limit then
stepc = 1
stepc = stepc + 1
step = tonumber(strsub (stepa, stepc, stepc))
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

-- Macro 1
/run("Executing macro 1! (Rake)")
/cast [nochanneling]Rake

-- Macro 2
/run("Executing macro 2! (Shred)")
/cast [nochanneling]Shred

-- Macro 3
/run("Executing macro 3! (Rip)")
/cast [nochanneling]Rip

-- Macro 4
/run("Executing macro 4! (Tiger's Fury)")
/cast Tiger's Fury

-- Macro 5
/run("Executing macro 5! (Incarnation: King of the Jungle)")
/cast [nochanneling]Incarnation: King of the Jungle

-- Macro 6
/run("Executing macro 6! (Berserk)")
/cast [nochanneling]Berserk

PostMacro = [[
/cast [combat]Savage Roar
/use [combat][nochanneling]13
/use [combat][nochanneling]14