Feral One Button rotation with modifiers for changing forms (need help to make)

I’m stumped in how I would accomplish being able to do a one button macro and change forms with a modifier. As is Im in Cat Form doing it’s normal rotation, but want to change to bear form to fire off a Frenzied Regen, then I let go of the ALT modifier and Im back doing the normal Cat Rotation. If this can be done it can be used with Boomkin form too. The meat of the mod for rotations I don’t need (there is plenty of great macros with very good rotations already here). Im just needing help with being able to do this without jumping in and out of form while its going thru the rotation.

this thread has a macro for bear form shift with all the bear form panic stuff. maybe you can use it as a reference.

here is the link to the macro.

as I stated in the email to you, that macro uses two buttons to do the form changing. Im trying to do it with one macro and one button. Reason for this is Im holding down the 1 key for macro to fire at 50ms and with an cntrl I switch to bear form and cast frenzied regen. Now some cat spells force you into cat form to fire them off, for ease, Im going to see if there is a bear spell that puts you into bear form to fire, and then I would just use a castsequence to fire off the healing spells. I’ll be working on this one all night… Hope to have something posted b4 bed…

After further looking at making a macro this way its just easier to have 2 macros and use keybinds to change what the modifier keys trigger. For me I’m now using the 1 key to fire the main rotation macro and keymapped alt-1 to fire the bear macro. Thus if I also wanted to use Boomkin form just make macro for moonkin spells and map it to ctrl-1. Shift should not be used as a modifier for it’s normally used in rotation macros as the AOE modifier. And for food for thought, even using x as a modifier works in this way for X-1 type keypress. Just need a button tray to place the macro and change the keybind for it.

If anyone else has a better way to do what I wanted please feel free to comment.