Feral PvP King of the Jungle

Hi there,

big fan of the website.

first time poster, long time follower.

Im Looking for a reasonable working burst macro for feral dps during Incarnation King of the Jungle.

I have tried myself but it just doesn’t work.

Here it what I tried

/castsequence [combat,nostealth]reset=target Rake,Ravage,Ravage,Ravage,Rip,Ravage,Ravage,Rake,Ravage,Savage Roar,
/use [combat,nostealth]Tiger's Fury

I have berserk and incarnation on a different macro but I honestly wouldn’t mind it being rolled it this one.

I would like Tigers fury to pop straight in after berserk falls off but ofc incarnation is 30 secs long so would love the uptime of that to jel with tigers fury too.

If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Any suggestions or perhaps changes to the macro to help the burst would be awesome!